Gathering First Impressions Of Iphone 11 – Appstudio Project

Gathering First Impressions Of Iphone 11. Appstudio Project

Whether the iPhone 11 will go to our editorial office is not yet known, however, already now we can collect an objective squeeze from the first impressions of Western publications, which were lucky to use the new product in the field. All emotions will pass through a sieve of common sense, avoiding fanatical worship and outright negativity, so that readers receive adequate consumer advice, and not stupid material for building traffic.

Gathering First Impressions Of Iphone 11. Appstudio Project

Nilai Patel of The Verge approved the iPhone 11 battery, but was upset about the network adapter:

During testing, the iPhone 11 worked for a whole day and they had a margin for the future. We could not come up with an adequate scenario in order to kill the battery in less than a day. The battery life in the iPhone 11 is exactly the same as in the iPhone XR. just great!

The bundle of the iPhone 11 was not so joyful: Apple put an ancient 5 W network adapter in the box, while the iPhone 11 Pro received an 18 W USB-C charger. Since Apple is not going to transfer the entire line to fast charging, the company must render a service to the environment and banally stop putting them in the box, because these adapters have already proliferated in huge numbers around the world. Surely at least one of these lies in your drawer.

Pocket-lint Britta O’ Boyle and Stuart Miles said most users will be happy with the iPhone 11’s LCD display:

In fact, the display of the iPhone 11 will satisfy the needs of any user, and only the most sophisticated will compare the screen of a regular 11th model with the Pro version (or Samsung Galaxy Note 10), blaming the first for a less sharp picture and lack of compatibility with mobile HDR. At the same time, the iPhone 11 boasts a very high-quality screen and even more realistic colors than neighbors from the Pro line or other OLED smartphones.

The disadvantage in terms of HDR in the iPhone 11 is that the device cannot fully adjust the HDR mode for any type of content. The iPhone 11 Pro will show you more details in a dark television show, which iPhone 11 will not do. This is one of the few differences that force customers to choose between 11 and 11 Pro.

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Lauren Goode compared the dual camera on the iPhone 11 with the models next door:

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This year, the iPhone 11 came out with two lenses behind: wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle sensors with a viewing angle of 120 degrees. Last year’s iPhone XR boasted only one lens, for which it was necessary to spin the deep effects on the photo programmatically. Now, the iPhone 11 can process enough information to immediately take a good shot, especially in portrait mode.

Fact: iPhone XR could capture a portrait of a person, but not an animal or an external object. iPhone 11 can make a portrait of my cat, which she is very happy about. Just kidding: she doesn’t care, as always.

In general, the iPhone 11 has a very good camera, which in most situations works better than the one installed on the iPhone XS. However, keep in mind that the iPhone 11 Pro takes cooler photos, regardless of whether you shoot standard productions, a portrait, or experiment with night mode.

Scott Stein of Cnet believes that the improved front camera, along with slowfit, is a real magnet for children:

The new iPhone 11 front camera, featuring wider viewing angles, as well as solid digital zoom, can accommodate more people and more background. The result of the new module with a resolution of 12 MP pleased me, but it takes a bit of habit to master the art of wide-angle shooting properly.

My children literally went crazy when they got to selfies in slow motion, that is, to Sloughy. Sloughy is not a Live Photo, this is a video. Slows are hard to shoot in large numbers, because they require a lot of storage space. Be that as it may, I shoot videos at 240 frames per second, when the children play the fool, showing tongues.

TechRadar’s Gareth Beavis acknowledged the triumph of the iPhone 11:

In a global sense, the iPhone 11 was a triumph for Apple, because the gadget was the most profitable purchase of the season, given the jump in prices from year to year. It seems to us that people will enjoy the hard-working camera and security that a modern smartphone can offer.

This smartphone will be enough for you for years of use and, of course, it will not hurt to pay attention to the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max, which carry more powerful and cool features, but for us the iPhone 11 seems to be a fun and versatile device that works out every dollar invested what you don’t expect from Apple.

Brian X of the New York Times has an alternative point of view regarding the advisability of updating the iPhone every 2 years:

Based on my personal tests of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, the answer is no. Do not think wrong: the new models are good. Apple made them faster, improved cameras and extended battery life. The new line starts from a lower price tag of 700, rather than 750, as a year ago, which is a relief in an era of skyrocketing smartphone prices.

But this is not enough to immediately update the smartphone, even two years ago. The latest iPhones have not made a radical leap since the iPhone X, released in 2017.

What I want to say: you need to update your smartphone at least once every five years. The iPhone 11 lineup is much cooler than what was introduced in 2014, but if you have a device that came off the assembly line in 2015, the meaning is lost. Instead, you can make your phone more useful and valuable from a user’s point of view.

Among the reviews, there were also comments about the color shades, but, as it seems to us, this is not the weighty argument that may prompt the purchase of a particular gadget. New cameras, new hardware and longer battery life have become key features of the iPhone 11, for which one of the most affordable price tags on the market is now on display. The most interesting confrontation will unfold when it becomes possible to compare at least from afar the results of shooting the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, because now it is the cameras that are the stumbling block.

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