Geolocation On The Iphone. Enable, Disable, And Configure Tracking

Geolocation On The Iphone. Enable, Disable, And Configure Tracking

Today we will look at how to enable geolocation on iPhone 5s (for example) and related services that ensure the smooth operation of the device, as well as programs for collecting and processing confidential information.

To answer the question “Where to turn on geolocation in an iPhone”, we’ll try to figure out what the meaning of this function is and to whom it will be useful.

Many of us do not know how to enable the location search service on an iPhone, and also have no idea how to turn it off. This is nothing complicated. Read carefully the table of contents in the instructions and select the solution that best suits your needs.

IPhone location services. What is it and how are they useful?

Geolocation in the iPhone is an integral part of your device. They allow you to track location throughout the day. It all depends on the settings, which have a fairly flexible functional interface. One of the most striking examples is the search for the most convenient restaurant or cafe for you, the nearest taxi, car-sharing machine, as well as a free hotel room.

Most of the services that determine the location of you and your iPhone in particular, are easily configured through standard settings. Apple to set up geolocation on the iPhone selects a whole menu item in which you can enable or disable elements that use location data, including system services.

You must understand perfectly. The more applications that use your location, the faster the iPhone’s battery runs out and becomes unusable over time. That is why the flexible geolocation setting on the iPhone is so important, which we will tell you more about later.

How to enable the geolocation service on an iPhone?

To answer this question, we should find the location of geolocations in the iPhone settings. Go to the "Settings" section. "Confidentiality" "Location Services".

You can customize each application as you wish. We advise you to understand in detail the services and applications or games that you use most often. Flexible settings can significantly save battery power on your iPhone.

To enable the iPhone’s approximate geolocation detection service, check the slider to the right. In the case of properly working tracking, the slider will be green, as shown in the screenshot.

For reference! Turn on geolocation on iPhone 6 or newer iPhone 7 is easy for you. Our instructions are universal and created on the updated version of the software – iOS 11.

How to set up geolocation on iPhone?

The needs of applications that users install on their devices are different from others. That is why we can’t say for sure what you need to enable or disable in the settings of geo-location data. But, we will try to provide detailed information about the system location data so that you can make the most informed decision when turning on or off various functions.

To configure geolocation on an iPhone, go to the menu item "Geolocation Services", which you already know from the previous step of the instruction. Scroll the list of options to the bottom. Go to System Services. It will also allow you to answer one of the popular questions: "Geolocation in the iPhone, where to find it?"

We advise you to leave on such services as: “Calibration of the compass” and “Traffic accounting”, “Find iPhone”, “Time zone” and “Search for cellular network”.

To determine the location of a person or iPhone, you should carefully prepare the geolocation settings. This is necessary so that no one else but you can change the GPS settings or completely disable the "Find iPhone" tracking services.

You must enter restrictions on the use of settings in the menu of your iPhone. Go to Settings. "Basic." "Limitations." Enter the pre-set passcode. Scroll through the restrictions to the "Privacy" section. "Geolocation Services."

Check that geolocation services are turned on and the checkmark for restrictions is on the “Prohibit changes”. Also, before imposing restrictions on the prohibition of changes, we advise you to check the settings for the Find iPhone feature. The settings should correspond to those presented in the screenshot. The introduction of such changes in the geolocation settings will help answer the basic question "How to determine the location of an iPhone."

If you did everything right, now, except for you and the person who knows the access code, no one will be able to disable geolocation services in the iPhone. They will simply be "Inactive."

How to find a person by geolocation of an iPhone from a computer?

It is very easy to do. Go to the official Apple website.

If this is your first time doing this, you will have to go through two-factor authorization on your computer and allow your icloud account to trust the browser. So, go to the site. Enter login, i.e. mailing address and password. Information on two-factor authentication will appear on the computer, as shown in the screenshot below.

At this time, on an iPhone, a pop-up window with a city map asks you for permission to access your account. Click “Allow” and enter the six-digit code for authorization (on the PC) that appears on the iPhone display.

After passing through two-factor authentication, the following question appears on the computer: "Trust this browser?". If you are going to determine the location of the iPhone from your home computer, feel free to click "Trust"

Then you will be taken to the icloud main menu. It looks like this:

To locate the iPhone from your computer, click Find iPhone. If you carefully read the previous settings item, you will see a map of the current location of you or your device.

Do not forget, when searching for iPhone, the device will display the running geolocation service if you have not disabled it in the settings. Thus, you can discreetly determine the location of a person by iPhone or vice versa.

Find iPhone through computer if it is turned off. Is it possible?

This is possible, but the search system will give you a previously noticed address that was attached to your account. The end result is a function "Find iPhone" will display on the map the last registered location address of your device. If the iCloud server does not communicate with the iPhone, the point on the map or geolocation marker will be gray.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them in the comments. Our instructions for setting up and determining the location of the device will work with any iPhone on iOS >eleven.