Google Play does not work on Huawei

Why does Play Market not work on Huawei and Honor, and how to troubleshoot? Play Market is the largest and only official provider of proven applications for Android gadgets. Therefore, if something is wrong with him, thousands of customers are left without the necessary software or updates. In order to prevent and quickly troubleshoot problems, we have put together a guide to the problems and solutions to Google Play.

Google Play does not work on Huawei

Google Play stopped working on Huawei: reasons

Any digital system has its own mechanism of operation, if something in this mechanism fails, the whole system does not work. This rule is the basis of each system add-on for a phone, tablet or personal computer. To quickly fix the problem, you need to accurately determine the source where it appeared. Huawei and Honor have problems with Google Play in the following circumstances:

What to do if Play Market does not work

Another reason could be a virus or a technical malfunction in the device itself. If some malicious component does not allow the Play Market to fully work and carry out operations, an error will be displayed on the screen. If the phone does not have access to mobile Internet or Wi-Fi, then Google Play will only show a download error window.

And the last. if the date and time on the gadget are not set according to the current time zone, there may be a system conflict with the Internet. Therefore, also bring this setting to the correct state. Next, consider what to do in case of other problems.


One of the easiest options is to reboot the device. The method helps out if there is a frivolous bug or a minute hang. If the problem persists, proceed to the following points.

Reset Updates

This option is effective if the new update is released with an error or is installed incorrectly. Then we go to the general settings, find the punt of all applications, open the Google Play item and click on the “Delete update” button on the right. In this case, the version will roll back to the previous modification. After that, try again or reinstall the update.

Reset and clear the cache

Often the cache saves something that should not be displayed in the phone settings. The cache stores the information that you previously viewed on the Internet. Therefore, the likelihood of seeing her again increases, even if in fact she is not already there. This is a kind of visual memory, if it remains, there may be malfunctions. Therefore, users are advised to regularly clear the browser cache, mobile applications, etc.

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Google Play does not work on Huawei and Honor also due to the fact that these components are clogged with system memory. To fix this problem, go to the settings, select the application, open the desired one and tap on the “Clear Cache” tab. We wait a couple of seconds and close the dialog box. After that, try logging in and downloading something again.

GP Services Data Correction

At this point, we go through the settings to the custom Google Play services and clear the cache there. This is more local storage.

Clearing data and cache "Google Services Framework"

Checking Google Accounts

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Debug boot manager

Deleting and recovering a Google account

Resolving Application Conflict

Clearing the hosts file

To complete this item, we need the ROOT Explorer application. We launch it, go to the "system" and "etc" folder. They need to remove components called "hosts".

Set date and time

The correct calendar and hourly parameters determine how synchronously different mobile services will work among themselves. If these indicators are not set correctly, correct them in the appropriate section of the phone.

Reset Android (or Hard Reset)

An extreme option is a complete smartphone upgrade, rollback to factory settings. It deletes all user parameters and files on the internal / external drive. As a rule, Honor / Huawei customers resort to this method in the last turn, when all other tools to solve difficulties were powerless.

This radical way is done through the settings, the "Recovery and reset" section.

Problem with Google servers

Will Google Play work on Huawei

Play Market. an application that runs on any gadget with the Android operating platform. Since all Huawei and Honor come out on this OS, then yes, the service is present on them.

When will Play Market stop working on Huawei

In the near future, developers do not plan to remove or remove this channel from phones. But if it stopped working due to temporary problems, use the tips above.

How to install Play Market bypassing the latest sanctions

For such purposes, there is a VPN that changes your IP address, and allows you to install any application bypassing the lock.

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Two days ago, the software was updated, and after the update, Google Play was deleted. And it does not download. What can be done?