Gray Iphone 6 Or Not – We Define Together

Gray Iphone 6 Or Not. We Define Together

Whatever you say, iPhone is an expensive pleasure, and considering the constant jumps in the course, even more so. Therefore, more and more often potential buyers are looking for any options, if only to save a little. Fortunately, international trading floors are full of diverse offers. Someone buys used iPhones from the previous series, while others buy cheaper models from the gray list that do not go through customs inspection and certification when crossing the border.

What is the difference between a “gray” iPhone?

By and large, the gray apparatus is an original device intended for sale in a number of countries, but which has not passed the standard procedure of customs control. Typically, a batch of devices, entering the country, is registered, registered, entered into the IMEI database of all devices, according to the attached list. The established amount of the customs duty is paid, the necessary certificates and certificates of compliance with local requirements are issued. The EAC or PCT icon is placed on the box.
For illegally imported smartphones, for obvious reasons, there are no certificates of compliance with the standards of a particular country, and IMEI numbers of smartphones are not listed in the registers of local frequency surveillance. Thus, their future owner will illegally use a certain frequency, "clogging" the air. The question is. what could it threaten? By and large. nothing. The authorities from time to time declare the disconnection of all unregistered devices, but in fact it is difficult from a technical point of view.

In addition to the "legality-illegality" of such an import, there is also a risk that the phone will not be able to work in this country, due to the fact that certain frequencies are not supported. the so-called. LTE. For the conditions of Russia, it is better to choose smartphones marked A1586 or A1524. They support an extended frequency range. about twenty, which means that the services of the vast majority of operators will be available to you.

Also, often service centers that are not clean at hand, buying up broken (drowned, broken) original iPhones for nothing, clumsily restore them. At the same time, cheap Chinese components are most often installed. Then a flashing is performed, the iPhone fits into the original box and that’s it, the device is ready for resale as new, in appearance it can’t be immediately distinguished. And in the future, all the problems fall entirely on the shoulders of the future buyer.

Safe shopping

What should you look for when buying a gray iPhone in order to protect yourself as much as possible? First of all, along with the device, there must be a box and a detailed receipt. They confirm the fact of the purchase, and without them, the device cannot be accepted for service at an authorized service center. So, you will have no chance to get technical assistance or a replacement smartphone in case of factory defects.

It also matters for which market this iPhone was originally designed. If, for example, you buy a device designed for the Asian market, then you should not rely on the Russified menu and adapted communication channels. Those. using the gadget will be, at least, inconvenient. And if problems with the language can still be solved, then communication problems will significantly worsen the operating experience. To find out the country the smartphone is adapted for, find the batch number on the sticker located on the back of the box.
In our case, the subscript. RU indicates that this iPhone was programmed for the features of work in the territory of the Russian Federation.

It is very important to verify all device codes immediately on the spot. This alone will help to distinguish a fake or restored device from the original.

So, the IMEI code prescribed in three places should converge: on the box, on the back of the iPhone’s case and in its settings (in the device information item).

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Well, if all the numbers match, if not. you should not take such a gadget.

Other verification options

If you plan to buy a smartphone by hand, be sure to check it in a place where there is Wi-Fi coverage to immediately make sure that the iPhone is not locked, and is still not tied to the Apple ID of the previous owner. Enter the combination. # 06 # on the screen and verify the received IMEI with the data on the box and the case, check if it appears in the state registry of frequency surveillance.

A lot of information about the device can be obtained by studying the serial number. It will help determine both the originality of the product and the duration of the warranty. You can check the device either on the manufacturer’s resource., or through the proprietary iTunes application.

After connecting the device to the computer and launching the program, you will see a window:
A green checkmark. next to the first item on the list, the actual date of purchase, means that the device is original, and purchased legally through official resellers.

The second paragraph indicates the remaining time until the end of the term of free technical support (three months from the date of purchase), which is provided by phone.

The following item displays the expiration date of the standard one-year repair and maintenance warranty.. It must be remembered that the international warranty on the iPhone has its own characteristics. you can get help only in the country in which the purchase took place. Since the place of purchase is indicated in the documents for payment, there is a good chance that you will be denied service if you, having bought a gadget in another country, returned to your homeland.

The last paragraph reflects the deadline by which you can purchase an additional package. AppleCare, which makes it possible for a fee to extend the warranty to three years.

We hope that our tips will help you quickly distinguish a legal device from gray. Before buying, think carefully. is it worth the cost savings? After all, you, by and large, remain powerless in the event of breakdowns. At a level such as corporations like Apple, it is almost impossible to prove their rights. If you decide to buy such an expensive smartphone, then it’s better to take “white” right away. a certified gadget and sleep peacefully. Especially if you are not a great specialist in iPhones, and you can not distinguish a problem device yourself.

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