Home Button Does Not Work On Iphone 7

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The situation when the Home iPhone button does not work, is faced by many owners of apple technology. The Home key on Apple devices is made of glass, which is subject to various influences from the outside. Inaccurate handling of the device, its fall from a height will break the Home button on the iPhone. For some malfunctions, you can repair the button yourself.

Check key function

To make sure the Home button on your iPhone works or not, click on it at least ten times in a row. If there is no reaction to at least a couple of keystrokes, then there is a malfunction that affects the performance of the key.

The main reasons for the failure of the Home key

The Home button may break completely or stop working periodically for a variety of reasons. Most often, the Home iPhone button does not work due to:

  • mechanical damage
  • moisture inside the Apple smartphone
  • software failure

If the Home button on the iPhone ceased to function, most likely, software or an application of inadequate quality was previously downloaded to the phone.

The Home button may break after a fall of the new Apple smartphone or strong pressure on it. There are also situations where the button may break, as a result of which it stops responding to pressing or begins to periodically slow down after moisture has entered the mechanism. In this situation, when you press the button, you will hear a creak indicating oxidation of the contacts.

Fortunately for many owners of apple gadgets, problems directly related to mechanical damage and fluid ingress are not so common. Most of the failures of the Home button appear due to a system failure. Because of it, the key does not work well, periodically slows down or completely loses its performance. In this case, the timing and cost of repairs will be insignificant.

How to reanimate a phone

If the Home button on your device works intermittently and does not always respond to clicks, do not get upset. If you find the root causes, you can use several methods that will return the Home button to its previous performance. These include the following:

  • calibration
  • relocate the keystroke connector
  • dry cleaning buttons
  • displaying the Home button on the main screen using a special program

How to calibrate when a key malfunctions

To check if the malfunction of the Home button on the iPhone is due to a software failure, calibrate the key. To restore the functionality of the Home button on the iPhone, do the following:

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  • activate any application on the iPhone, for example, Clock or Calculator
  • press and hold the Power button until the slider to turn off the device appears on the screen of your phone
  • release the Power key and press Home until the power off slider disappears

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10 seconds after pressing the Home key, the system will calibrate the button. The malfunction after this procedure will be eliminated if there was a software failure, and the Home button on the main screen on your device will work in the previous mode.

Features of adjusting the connector on the iPhone

If you own an iPhone 4 and 4S and encounter a button malfunction on your smartphone, do not rush to change it. You can correct the situation by changing the position of the connector. For this:

  • connect the cable that came with your device to the phone
  • push the plug in the place where it is inserted into the connector, simultaneously press and hold the Home key

Now disconnect the cable and check whether it turned out to eliminate the cause of the breakdown, and if the button worked. If the problem persists, you can use another way to restore the Home button to the main screen.

Home Button Does Not Work On Iphone 7

Chemical method for solving the problem

Often the cause of the malfunction of the Home button on the iPhone is the ingress of dirt and dust particles into it. This also happens after liquid, for example, sweet drinks, gets under the case of an old or new smartphone, or if the device is taken with dirty hands. An effective way to solve the problem in a short time in this case is to use chemical cleaners. It can be isopropyl alcohol or WD-40. To use this method of troubleshooting, perform several manipulations:

  • drip a small amount of funds on the Home button on the main screen
  • press and hold the key until the cleaner enters
  • check the performance of Home after the alcohol has completely evaporated

The chemical should be applied only to the key, and not to the screen. Careless handling of the cleaning agent can cause damage to other parts of the phone, resulting in an increase in the cost of repairing your Apple device.

Enable virtual button

The above steps allow you to determine the cause of the key malfunction and eliminate the breakdown. If your phone or its button was exposed to strong physical impact, it will not be possible to solve the problem by dry cleaning, calibration and adjustment. The way out will be the inclusion of a virtual button with its subsequent display on the screen of the iPhone smartphone.

To replace a failed key with a virtual one, you need to go to the settings, find the Assistive Touch section, and connect the function here. A new icon will appear on the screen. When you click on it, a special menu will open, in it you can control the old and new smartphone without the Home key. This method will help for any reason of failure.

Key repair or replacement

If the above measures did not help, and the last method does not suit you, and you want to fully use the functionality of the iPhone smartphone, contact a qualified wizard who will help repair or completely replace the failed key. The repair cost will be low if you order the service from specialists registered in Yuda. Cooperation with them will give you the following benefits:

  • iPhone repair with a complete replacement of faulty elements (connector, loop) in the service center and at home
  • repairing phone failures of any complexity in a short time
  • the use of professional equipment and original spare parts for the complete replacement of device parts
  • guarantees for all types of work performed

If the Home iPhone button does not work, contact specialists. the executors of Yudu will determine the cause of the phone breakdown as quickly as possible and quickly fix the problem, while the cost of repairing the iPhone will be low.

Home Button Does Not Work On Iphone 7

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