Honor 10 Camera Settings

Camera features

The camera in Honor 10 is updated. She received not only a new sensor, but also knowledge in the form of artificial intelligence. As always, we started the test in the conditions of good illumination on the street. In this scenario, the smartphone proved to be excellent and showed good detail and more or less correct color reproduction. It can be noted oversharp, noticeable with one hundred percent crop. But overall, the picture quality is very good. As for the color rendition, according to our feelings, automation artificially overestimates the color saturation in the pictures, but it is not critical.

Based on the results of the entire test, we would recommend turning on artificial intelligence in case you want to use automatic shooting. Firstly, the smartphone will choose the settings, as in automatic mode. Secondly, it’s pretty accurate to determine the scene, whether it be a cat, architecture, sky, greenery or cars, and apply additional settings. And thirdly, this was not announced at the presentation, you can see and use the source file without applying scene settings for a file made with AI turned on.

As you can see, we tried to turn on / off artificial intelligence after working in different scenarios. This is shooting through the window, and the scene "Food" and the new scene "Auto". But we saw the most interesting effect from the AI ​​in the “Portrait” mode: automatic, as soon as it recognizes a person in the frame, it immediately switches the camera to this mode. Already familiar here is the blurring of the background. But it’s absolutely amazing that the frame is cropped a bit, the lens settings are applied similar to how it is done in Adobe products, due to which distortions are reduced and the faces look more correct. In addition, vignetting at the edges of the frame is added.

Also in Honor 10 there is a double hybrid zoom. It is similar to the same in Honor 9, but the resolution has grown to 16 megapixels.

Honor 10 also has an HDR function that works well and allows you to take high-quality pictures in backlight, highlighting the dark places of the picture and working out the overexposure. The latter is a little worse, but in general the picture is very high quality.

Video: Honor 10 Camera Settings

Honor 10 Camera Settings

And of course, we liked the wide aperture mode, which allows us to simulate an aperture open to F0.95 or closed to F16 on a smartphone. Refining the contours of the object is working ever better, and in the background, as before, you can impose special effects.

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In a room with artificial lighting, the Honor 10 also performed very well. The exact operation of autofocus, the correct white balance, the help of artificial intelligence. all this perfectly reveals the creative and technical potential of the device.

Honor 10 Camera Settings

In low light conditions both on the street and in the rooms, the smartphone also does not extinguish. Here you can trust the automation or turn on the “Night” mode, which allows you to take high-quality handheld shots at a slow shutter speed. Unfortunately or fortunately, summer came with the longest sunny days and it became difficult to show the possibilities of this mode in the photo. The last two pictures were taken at about nine in the evening, but the sky is still bright!

We also note a high-quality selfie camera with a resolution of 24 megapixels. It can be shot with blurring the background and beauty. The latter helps to get rid of skin blemishes, smooth wrinkles. In portrait mode, it does not turn off completely even at the value “0”, but if you have no doubt in your appearance, you can change the mode to “Photo”.

Impressed by the work of artificial intelligence, we forgot about a large number of modes. For example, we did not take a single panorama, although we checked that the gluing is very confident, but there are some problems with the backlight.

We took several shots in monochrome mode: you can shoot a black and white camera in a maximum resolution of 24 megapixels. It is possible to use the wide aperture mode and blur the background in portrait mode.

Finally, there appeared the “Artist” mode, which does on air what applications like Prisma did earlier. it stylizes the image for various works of artists.

And, of course, the most surprising thing for us: we did not take a single photo during testing in manual mode and the RAW format, which is supported here.

And the thing is that Honor 10 turned out to be an interesting and affordable tool for shooting any plot, and in point-and-shoot format. That is, I took it out of my pocket, came up with a frame and realized it in no time, relying not so much on myself and manual settings as on artificial intelligence. This seems to be a truly new stage of development for mobile cameras. Although the iPhone camera is still valued precisely for this. no troubles, but a qualitative result. Therefore, in Honor 10, with its number of modes and the quality of artificial intelligence, there is no doubt at all.

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