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If you’re at least sometimes interested in mobile phones, you’ve probably heard more than once such a thing as “IMEI phone". The reaction of most people to this parameter can often be described as follows: “There is such a thing, well and good, you never know what else is there.” Nevertheless, in fact, IMEI is not just a random set of numbers, but information that is very important for a smartphone or tablet, which should not be underestimated. And even better, when a person fully understands what it is, understands this concept and is always ready to apply this knowledge to his advantage.

Honor 20 Pro Check For Originality

In this short article, we want to tell you how to find out the IMEI number on Huawei devices and how this information can be useful to you in real conditions. And although the IMEI verification of Huawei smartphones is not much different from checking phones of other manufacturers, it will still be worthwhile to recall some nuances. This article will be especially useful for people who were not previously interested in such subtleties in smartphones. Well, let’s not waste your time anymore and get to the point.

What is IMEI?

IMEI is an abbreviation for English International Mobile Equipment Identity, which translates into Russian as "International Mobile Equipment Identification." A similar code is equipped with any mobile gadget with which you can use the services of cellular communications or satellite telephony. It usually consists of fifteen digits in which the manufacturer of the device encrypts certain information. Sometimes the information hidden in it differs depending on the types of gadgets and the years of their production, but basically the following is hidden in the code:

  1. The first six digits are the so-called Type Approval Code. the international encoding of the model and class of the mobile device. The first two digits of this code should be decrypted as the country of manufacture of this gadget.
  2. The seventh and eighth digit of the code is the designation of the country in which the physical assembly of the device was performed. Do not confuse the country of the manufacturer and the place of assembly.
  3. The next six numbers are the unique serial number of the device, which is assigned to it by the manufacturer. Within one model, there should no longer be devices that would repeat this number.
  4. The last digit is a backup number, which in almost all cases is zero.

IMEI of a mobile phone is a very multifunctional information that can be used by both services and individuals. And let at first glance all such codes seem useless, however, knowing how to use the code correctly, you get the opportunity:

  1. Determine the authenticity of the smartphone upon purchase by checking its name on the packaging and the one that is on the phone itself or is flashed into its flash memory.
  2. With IMEI, you can always determine the owner of the device and return the stolen or lost phone to it.
  3. Using the email address, the mobile phone is pretty easily tracked by the mobile operator. This can come in handy to find the missing device or even the owner of this device.
  4. If you know the address of your smartphone, then in case of theft, you can block the device by notifying your operator. You also need to know IMEI when applying to the police.
  5. Having the right IMEI code is a direct guarantee that the device is of high quality and has not been tampered with.

It should also be remembered that it is always read by the mobile operator as soon as the SIM card has been activated on the phone. After that, in cases of problems with the phone, it can be instantly blocked. Therefore, always keep this in mind before verifying the authenticity of your Huawei phone.

How to find out IMEI of a Huawei phone?

If you decide, for example, to verify the authenticity of the Huawei tablets, then you can do this in several ways. At the moment, there are four relevant ways to see if you have a device, but it should be borne in mind that no matter what method you use, the code should always be the same.

However, information about your property may come in handy not only for authentication. Often, the device’s identification code can be requested when performing various remote service procedures, when contacting technical support, etc. So, finding out information about the IMEI code of your device will be quite out of place, even if you have been using this gadget for a long time.

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Using the code on the package

The first method that you should pay attention to first of all is to check the code on the product packaging. Huawei smartphones always come in boxes that bear a barcode, IMEI, and serial number. If this data is not available or the sticker is made poorly, this may indicate that this unit is tampered with or at least sold in non-original packaging.

If the device was bought long ago and the box was lost, then you can also find the identification code information in the warranty card of your device. The code in the coupon must clearly match the code on the package, so please note that when buying the warranty card is filled out correctly.

Through settings

You can also check if you have a Huawei smartphone via the settings menu. A similar function has most of the devices of the company from the Middle Kingdom. To see IMEI, go to settings and scroll down to the bottom until you find the “About phone". Go into it and again scroll down a bit. If your phone has such information, then depending on the firmware it will be located directly in the first menu, or look for it in one of the submenus of this section.

Through the dial pad

The easiest and most convenient way to find out if you have your device is, perhaps, to use the dial pad. Just enter the combination # 06 # on the keyboard and press the call button. After a short period of time, data about your phone will be displayed on the screen. Agree, pretty fast and convenient.

There is also such a way to check if you can look at the sticker under the removable battery of the device. Interruptions or abrasions in the area of ​​the sticker may indicate a change. However, now phones in the all-metal casing are increasingly appearing on the market, and this method is becoming increasingly irrelevant, so we decided not to separate it separately.

What can I learn from IMEI?

Although it is used mainly to identify the device within the network of a mobile operator, it is of great benefit to ordinary users as well.

We begin, perhaps, with the non-obvious. We already said a little earlier in this article that the seventh and eighth digits of the IMEI code mean the country. the collector of this unit. This would not have been of serious importance, but it so happened that not all devices produce the same quality, and if you check it, you can refuse to buy a phone made in China in favor of, for example, the Finnish assembly.

Compliance of the IMEI code and the final assembly country:

  1. 01, or 10, or 70. Finland.
  2. 02 or 20. United Arab Emirates.
  3. 07, or 08, or 78. Germany.
  4. 13. Azerbaijan.
  5. 03 or 80. China.
  6. 30. Korea.
  7. 67. United States.
  8. 19 or 40. UK.
  9. 60. Singapore.
  10. 04. Hungary.

Checking your smartphone for authenticity

How to check the originality of Huawei smartphones in this case? Here, the rather popular Internet service International Numbering Plans comes to our aid. With it, we can easily verify the authenticity of Huawei phones before buying. To do this, find out if you have the device you have selected and drive it into the service analysis line. After some time, the phone manufacturer will be displayed in the Type Allocation Folder column, and its model in the Mobile Equipment Type column. The affiliation of the phone to the market can be seen in the Primary Market column, where, for example, Asia or Europe should be displayed. If the IMEI data from the service matches the data given in the technical documentation, then everything is in order with the phone, and you can safely buy it.

Checking warranty repair status

Using the IMEI code, you can also easily check the status of the warranty repair of your mobile phone or other Huawei gadget on the official website. To do this, simply indicate the device identification code in the search bar, and after a few moments you will have all the available information about its warranty service.