How Can I Charge A Laptop Without Charging

How Can I Charge A Laptop Without Charging

Now you will not surprise anyone with a laptop. It has long become an integral part of modern man. Every day we can observe people sitting in a park or cafe working behind him.

The difference between it and the computer is the ability to work without a constant connection to the mains, but sooner or later, the battery will run out and you will need to replenish the energy supply. Many of us will close the lid of the laptop and calmly move on.

Now we’ll try to figure out how you can charge a laptop without charging.

Charging Methods

At this stage of its development, mankind has come up with several ways to charge a laptop without a charger (charger):

  • solar panels;
  • external batteries;
  • charging in a car with a portable inverter.

Let’s look at each method individually and analyze its positive and negative sides.

Solar panels to the rescue

If you are a lover of a weekend to spend outdoors, and not within four walls, and you just can’t do without a laptop, then one of the options for solving the problem may be to purchase a solar battery.

This device allows the energy received from sunlight to turn into electricity. The installation process is very simple. for this you just need to connect it to the power connector.

There are two types of solar panels:

  • portable mini-battery. have small dimensions, but have a small amount of power reserve;
  • batteries capable of maintaining a large amount of equipment in working condition. A serious drawback and, perhaps, the most important is its large size and complexity in the installation process, which is not entirely suitable for picnics.

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The advantages of this type of charging include the fact that with it, the duration of our equipment can be extended by a couple of hours. Truly maximum work efficiency, you can only get in good and clear weather.

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Of the shortcomings, it should be noted that it is impossible for us to work or have fun on a laptop while charging. This is explained by the fact that the magnitude of the voltage is a variable value. This type of charging can justify itself only in cases of long exposure to sunlight.

External battery

External battery. is a portable device, which, like solar panels, can increase the operating time of our laptop computer up to two hours. A standard lithium-ion laptop battery can hold a charge for 2-3 hours, but with an external battery, the energy reserve is doubled.

Manufacturers give us a huge assortment of batteries that differ from each other, both in size and in supply of energy.
The undoubted advantages of this method include the fact that regardless of the weather outside the window, you can always charge, unlike solar panels.

In most cases, all sorts of adapters are included, which will allow you to charge more tablets, cameras and other equipment.

Charge in car

This method is perfect for laptop owners who have a car. The only thing you need besides a car like this is a portable inverter. Due to the fact that in the car, as a rule, there are no outlets, so you can not do without this device.

The advantages of this method include the fact that you do not need to carry extra equipment (solar panels or external batteries).

Serious disadvantages include the fact that charging is only possible with the vehicle running. It turns out quite a bit expensive.

Charging from a laptop does not charge, what should I do?

In the case when our charger, for some reason, has ceased to fulfill its direct duties, do not rush to run to a computer service

Try the following:

  • fix the adapter;
  • check cable for mechanical damage;

Despite the fact that self-repair has its pros and cons, it should be resorted to first of all to those people who are versed in electronics, and can personally find the cause of the memory failure. If you are not so strong in this matter, then it is better not to take risks and take your laptop to a service center. Otherwise, you run the risk of making it worse that the extra cost of repairs will result.

These are the main ways to help you charge your laptop without a charger.

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Summing up, we can conclude the following: "It does not matter for what purpose you use your" portable friend ", the main thing is that you can always restore his exhausted supply of energy." Which way to use charging (solar panels, external batteries, charging in the car) is up to you to decide.