How To Add Or Remove A Desktop Screen On An Android Phone

How To Add Or Remove A Desktop Screen On An Android Phone

.gif" /> The Android operating system has a lot of advantages that make working with phones or tablets much more convenient. One of these advantages is the ability to use multiple desktops at the same time. This is very convenient, because you can place all the widgets you need on them so as not to look for any information for a very long time. For example, on the screen of your device there are hours and necessary applications. A gesture to the right – and the weather is in front of you. Another flipping, and it becomes possible to listen to music.

This feature is very useful for those who don’t want to crawl to different sites, go to various applications to find out any information. This opportunity is provided to the owners of the android, because all this information can be added in the form of widgets and shortcuts to the smartphone screen. But, of course, it is worth remembering that the place is limited and it needs to be increased in some way. But sometimes space, on the contrary, is too much. There is a need to reduce it.

Some people have a question: how to add a new workspace on a phone or tablet or remove it (For many inexperienced users, they appear unnoticed, and the owners of phones and tablets just don’t know how to remove them)? We’ll figure out.

How to remove an extra desktop

All smartphones are different, so the methods will be different, but one of them will definitely work:

  1. On many devices, you can remove an extra desktop in just two movements. To do this, put two fingers at different ends of the screen and bring them together (the same gesture that you perform in order to reduce the picture). You will see all the tables that are. To remove unnecessary, long click on it and drag it into the trash can icon with the inscription “delete” (sometimes the inscription may be missing).
  2. The second method differs from the first only in the first action. We exit to the main screen, press the “Home” button, and then repeat all the steps from point 1.
  3. Some smartphones do not include adding or removing workspaces. But you should not despair, launchers, of whom there are a great many in the Play Store, can come to our aid. Install them and add as many desktops as you like.
How To Add Or Remove A Desktop Screen On An Android Phone

But after that, a logical opposite question may arise regarding the improvement of your screen.

How to add a desktop to the screen

All actions are almost the same. We make the gesture, which is indicated in the first paragraph (bring your fingers on the smartphone screen) Among the desktops we see a new one, which shows a plus sign. Click on it. Done! The second method differs only by pressing the “Home” button.

Working with Android phones and tablets makes for us the most simplified and comfortable, for example, putting all the necessary shortcuts, widgets and applications on the main page. You can manage the number of such pages and, as you have seen, it’s not difficult at all. Delete and add desktops and make using your smartphone the most convenient specifically for you.