How to Change Have a Samsung J3 Phone Code

How to determine IMEY on a smartphone

Before changing IMEI on an Android device, you need to find out the IMEI that was assigned to this device by the manufacturer. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Look at the box from under the phone.
  2. Remove the back cover from the device and remove the battery. The required information will be on the back of the product.
  3. Dial the combination # 06 # on the mobile phone. If there is no digital identifier, “IMEI not defined” will appear on the display. This may be a sign that you could not properly flash Android.
How to Change Have a Samsung J3 Phone Code

After you managed to find out the id, you can go directly to changing it.

Ways to restore IMEI

There are two ways to restore or change IMEI on Android:

  1. Through the engineering menu. Like the Recovery environment, it is provided on all devices running on Android.
  2. Using additional software. Of the programs that allow you to register new IMEIs, Mobile Uncle and Xposed IMEI Changer should be highlighted.

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CHANGE IMEAS through the engineering menu

The engineering menu is used to test and optimally configure mobile devices. This area is hidden, but it can be activated using certain USSD commands entered through a standard typesetting panel. For different models of smartphones, these commands may differ. For example, to call the engineering menu on a HTC phone, the combination ## 3424 ## or ## 8255 ## will be relevant. For Samsung, the command ## 4636 ## or ## 197328640 ## is suitable.

  1. Go to the Connectivity section.> CDS Information.
  2. Open the Radio Information tab and click on the Phone 1 line.
  3. In the window that appears, the existing IMEY will be indicated in the first field. To replace it, after the AT command, write EGMR = 1.7, “New Identifier”, where you need to indicate the required ID code in brackets.
  4. Confirm the action by pressing SEND AT COMMAND.

For the changed settings to take effect, the smartphone must be rebooted. After you succeeded in changing the IMEI, you can verify the positive result using the same command # 06 #.

Change ID through optional software

The use of specialized software implies the presence of superuser rights on the phone. Their activation can be done using the programs Romaster SU, UniversalAndRoot, Farmaroot, etc.

So, to open access via Farmaroot on a mobile device, you must:

    Install the program on the phone and run it.