How to Change Icons on Huawei

The icons on the screen of Huawei and Honor symbolize the status of a certain internal process. This can be a network, sound profile, roaming, stability of Internet connection, flight mode, etc. Thanks to the display of these icons in the status bar, the user quickly navigates to what is activated and what indicators work stably.

How to Change Icons on Huawei

Icons on the top of the screen

First, get acquainted with the structure of the screen. At the top of any Android smartphone is a Status Bar. It also acts as a notification line, since it displays system components and various alerts, including information about the status of the device.

The icons at the top differ depending on the region, the mobile operator, the personal settings of the gadget, the individual preferences of the user. Visually, the line is a single element, but conditionally we divide it into the right and left parts. On the right, as a rule, the parameters characterizing the current status of the phone are placed:

  • time;
  • active Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • network signal quality;
  • how much battery is charged.

On the left are the current processes:

  • Is data transfer active?
  • which mobile network operator is used on this phone;
  • the presence of unread SMS, etc.

Consider in practice what are the icons. For quick orientation and search for the desired position, we collected information in the table.

Vowifi icon on Huawei screen.

We parse each image separately. Vowifi looks like a standard access point. It turns on when the phone finds contact with the router. Note that if the router works, but there is no Internet from it, the phone will still show an active network.

What is the Volte icon on Honor / Huawei phones

This image is transmitted in two English letters (HD) squared. Means the ability to transmit audio signals with a high-quality channel over an LTE network.

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N icon (NFC)

Three letters convey the active port of the NSF. So the channel is ready to pay and transmit information. NFC is a modern technology for transmitting data through a special channel, which is carried out in a radius of 4 cm of action. Most often, such a tool is used to pay for purchases via telephone. However, not all devices have modules. They met for a long time in Honor and Huawei phones, but in other companies they began to be introduced relatively recently. And then, only on more expensive versions.

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Speedometer icon with arrow.

This symbol appears when the map application is running. If you do not see it, then most likely it works in the background, and the dialog box is minimized. The phone uses the navigator, and displays a message about it on the status bar of the device.

Quick charge

In the settings, there is an option in which excess background software goes into an inactive phase. This allows you to direct the entire flow of power to charge the battery. The system informs about this with the corresponding image at the top of the screen.

Dual charge icon

When the device’s charging process is completed, the forked lightning. charging icon appears. The device replenished the battery reserves by 100%.

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This means that the camera is running in the background. We are talking about the frontal and the main one. Therefore, if you want to disable, then close all background tabs. The camera icon also appears when opening the software, where shooting is required. This description includes graphics applications and the creation of filtered (animated) photos: B612, PicBeauty and others.


This means that audio tracks play through the headphone channel. The headset plugs into the appropriate slot.

Access point

Transmits information that access to the Internet on the device is through an active access point: Wi-Fi router or access point on a laptop / phone. In this case, the Internet may not be on the device, since such an alert signals only contact with the transmitted module. But if it is not connected to the Internet, then surfing on sites will not work.


The symbol appears when you start the time counter tool. a timer or stopwatch. It disappears, respectively, when these tools are not active.

Gallery icon

By default, a piccha is not shown at the top. But if a picture or GIF was loaded in the browser, a notification about this appears in the form of a gallery window. a resource where the downloaded file can be viewed.

Moon icon

This picture conveys the active silent mode. In this state, the phone does not send its owner any sound or vibration signals. Incoming calls and notifications are not displayed on the locked screen.

Boot icon

Image showing the active operation of the pedometer. This option is available on phones in order to conveniently transmit activity information to the user.

Labels on application icons

Usually, if an additional symbol appears on top of the icon on the Honor and Huawei screen, this signals the current process: saving, loading, updating, and so on.

Internet icons

Consider what quality of the Internet modern smartphones offer and what connection methods exist.