How To Change Text Highlight Color In Windows 10

How To Change Text Highlight Color In Windows 10

In Windows 10, there are enough settings for the appearance of the user interface. these are the colors of the windows, and transparency effects, and various fonts. However, most of the parameters are still hidden, but Windows is Windows and then to change everything that your heart desires.

For example, the text highlight color is always blue. Of course, it is quite pleasant, but, for example, with a gray theme, I would like to have a similar highlight color for the selected text. and this can be easily adjusted, after which the appearance becomes slightly more pleasant:

It’s easy to do. First, decide on the color. for this, type the phrase “RGB and the color you want” in Yandex, then select the RGB palette in the editor that opens:

Remember these three numbers in this order, we will need them. Now you need to open the registry editor (the fastest way in the system search is to type the word "regedit") and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Colors. Find the parameter here Hilight and double-click on it to edit:

Three numbers will be written in the “Value” column, by default it is 0 120 215. Change them to the ones you received in Yandex, also separated by spaces. For gray should be 128 128 128:

That’s it, now save the changes and reboot, after which the color of the text selection will change to the one you need. However, it should be understood that changes will be visible only in system programs, since third-party utilities use their own mechanisms for this. Well, of course, to return the old color, just change the numbers to 0 120 215.

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