How to Change Time on iPad 4

Hello! It would seem that how to change the date in the iOS system is the most elementary question, but it can still cause difficulties. And the matter is far from some “hidden” settings, secret configurations, menu tricks, etc. Everything is much simpler. When the smartphone is activated, the date and time are set automatically, and quite accurately (synchronizing with a special server on the Internet), so a rare user generally thinks about it. Why change something if everything is working just fine?

However, in some situations (the emu4ios installation can be a vivid example), it becomes necessary to manually change the date on the iPad or iPhone. How to do it? Keep detailed instructions!

Important. On devices with a 64-bit processor (iPhone 5S and above), DO NOT TRANSFER the date to January 1, 1970. Get a brick. It will not be possible to recover, even through DFU.

Note! At the end of the article, we analyze some problems that may arise, as well as ways to solve them. Do not go anywhere 🙂

Go! We arm ourselves with a tablet, phone or player and go to the basic settings of the gadget. By the way, if the device’s menu is in an unknown language, translate it into Russian.

In the “main” settings we are looking for the main item.

Scrolling down the screen shows exactly what you were looking for.

Video: How to Change Time on iPad 4

How to Change Time on iPad 4

We press, after that we are presented with a date adjustment menu in iOS, here you can not only change it, but also. and let’s see what else can be done.

  1. 24 hour format. In America, a 12 hour time format is used. before noon and afternoon. If you are closer to ordinary and native 21, 22, 23 hours. turn on this switch.
  2. Automatically. Turning on this mode, we give everything to the system. Time zone, today’s date, time. it will set on its own (reading data from the Internet, geolocation, SIM cards).
  3. Time zone. choose the place where you are now.
  4. The last line. indicating the date and time, clicking on it. manually set this data.

If you don’t have the last two lines, it means that the automatic mode is turned on (see point 2) and you need to turn it off.

A few important points.

  • You can’t scroll through the years right away. only by the day, so you have to turn the time 20 years backward long enough.
  • The “Automatic” mode sets the data correctly, in any case, I have never had any problems.
  • If during installation you are unable to set the correct date, then most likely the fact is that a Japanese or Buddhist calendar is activated on your iPhone or iPad. It is necessary to change it to Gregorian. In the main settings. language and text. calendar. The pictures below are examples of such disgrace 🙂

By the way, on my iPhone, the clock is in a hurry, every month for about 1 minute. Interestingly, this is only on my copy? Have you not noticed anything like this?