How To Charge A Laptop From A Computer Without Charging And Via Usb

How To Charge A Laptop From A Computer Without Charging And Via Usb

Portability is the main advantage of laptops compared to computers. People often use them away from the mains, risking not to keep track of the device’s charge. In order not to suddenly be cut off from the world of modern technology, it is advisable to provide for backup options for recharging the laptop. Today, there are opportunities to do this even through a USB port.

Can I charge my laptop via USB

The USB port is an interface for connecting peripheral devices to a computer. Developed in the early nineties, it became widespread and became the main one in digital technology. Its main advantage is the high compatibility of equipment of various generations. Now computers either install USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 (USB 3.1). Both of these connectors are not designed to charge the device from the network: their bandwidth is only 4.5 watts. Such a charge power is not enough, at least 30 watts is required.

How to charge

Ideas such as charging a laptop from USB and how to charge a laptop from a computer seemed very promising, and the developers faced the task of implementing them. So there was a new type of adapter. USB Type-C. It has the ability to pass charge up to 100 watts, which is enough for charging low-power netbook batteries, as well as for full-fledged computers. over, you can charge not only the device itself, but also another gadget from it. The dimensions of the new adapter are surprisingly small: 8.4×2.6 mm, which is much smaller than its predecessors, and the design is symmetrical.

How to charge a laptop battery without a charger

How To Charge A Laptop From A Computer Without Charging And Via Usb

Not all manufacturers are in a hurry to include USB Type-C in new models of their gadgets, and indeed, sometimes a charger may not be at hand. This often happens when traveling, or when the electricity in the house is turned off. For such cases, it will be useful to purchase an external battery. This portable device will extend the operating time of your PC for several hours, depending on its power, and all kinds of adapters included in the kit will make it possible to recharge other equipment. One drawback is the extra dimensions.

If you travel a lot in the car, and want to use a laptop without having to regularly monitor the charge, you need to bring a portable inverter with you. There are no sockets in the car, but this device allows you to connect the laptop to the vehicle’s battery. Just do not forget to take into account that to turn on charging it is necessary that the car works.

A good solution for lovers of picnics will be solar panels. Such a device allows the energy received from the rays of the sun to be converted into electricity. This is no longer an innovation, and acquiring a suitable model will not be a problem. An obvious drawback of solar panels is their stable recharging only in good clear weather. But nothing prevents to fully charge the battery while it is sunny, and use it in bad weather.

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