How to Charge an Apple Airport Tablet

The battery of any laptop requires periodic replenishment of the energy reserve. Not an exception and the Apple MacBook. How do you need to charge the MacBook Pro, Air and other varieties of "apple" gadgets? Are there any working methods to increase the "life" of the battery? This and other nuances of charging Apple’s portable gadgets will be discussed in the article.

How to charge a MacBook

These devices successfully carry out their work using Li-pol batteries with a high level of protection. They are very thin and capacitive.

To recharge the laptop, use the Thunderbolt 3 connector, USB-C (depending on the model), which is located in the lower side of the device, and a charging kit (included).

The process is simple: insert one end of the cord into the desired connector on the laptop → the second into the power adapter → plug into the outlet.

For information: the company does not use MagSafe connector in new models.

There are alternative ways to charge the MacBook, for example, if there is no charge. This can be found in the following sections. But first, some tips on properly charging portable gadgets.

General recommendations

What can / cannot be done when charging the Mac (for example, such MPXQ2UA / A):

From general recommendations on how to charge a MacBook battery, such an MQD32UA / A or another, it’s time to move on to branded prompts from the portable equipment manufacturing company itself.

Apple Tips

So, what Apple experts recommend:

  1. Keep in mind that the Mac battery goes through recharge cycles during use. Their maximum quantity is 1000 (for example, with Retina). This does not mean that having consumed the declared number of cycles, the battery will definitely fail, it may well serve further. The only thing is that the Mac’s battery life may be reduced. 1 cycle = full recharge of the laptop from zero to 100%.
  2. Do not disconnect from power during the initial setup of the Mac. At this time, the device requires a large supply of energy, so you should leave the gadget connected to the network until all files are downloaded.
  3. It is worth updating the software to the latest version. Often, energy-saving technologies are included in updates to help extend the life of your Mac.
  4. Create comfortable conditions for the equipment. For the Mac, it’s 10-35 ° C for the duration of the operation. Otherwise, the battery may “suffer”: overheat in the heat or quickly lose its charge in the cold.
How to Charge an Apple Airport Tablet

Here you should indicate the answer to another common user question: is it possible to charge the phone by charging from a MacBook? It is worth considering that Apple adapters for Mac are compatible with devices equipped with USB-C ports.

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For information: Charging with MagSafe is only suitable for the corresponding MacBook models.

How to properly charge your Mac when shipping or storing

If you have a long trip, it is worth 100% to replenish the energy reserve of a portable gadget. This is exactly what the manufacturer does when delivering Macs from factories to points of sale.

Storage charge

But how to properly charge a MacBook, say, from the Pro line, if it is not necessary to use it for 2-3 weeks or more?

When sending your gadget for storage, you should use the following tips:

  • charge Li-pol ≈ by 50%, such a "golden" middle will help the battery not to lose its ability to hold a charge and will not lead to a decrease in its capacity;
  • turn off the laptop to avoid unnecessary battery consumption;
  • place the device in a dry place without moisture, the temperature of which is in the range of 20-45 ° C;
  • with prolonged non-use of the device, it is worth replenishing the battery’s energy reserves up to 50% every 6 months.

Is it time to use a Mac? The laptop must be charged for at least 20 minutes using the supplied power supply.

Is it possible to constantly keep the MacBook on charge, often "recharge" the gadget

The laptop can be used connected to the network (all day or several hours. no difference). Apple took care of the safety of its devices and equipped them with a controller, which, after reaching a full charge, “shuts off” the current supply to the battery. But the Mac, for example, MREE2UA / A, is still a portable device, so it makes no sense to keep it recharged around the clock.

When to charge

You can charge the device with any amount of charge, at least 20%, at least 50%. Just do not forget about the cyclical nature of Li-pol. The more often the laptop is recharged, the more days it will take to expire 1 recharge cycle.

How to charge a MacBook without a charger

Apple, of course, recommends using only branded consumables (cables, adapters, etc.). But what if the “native” Mac charging failed, and there is no way at the moment to purchase a new original device?

How to Charge an Apple Airport Tablet

Charging from another Mac

There is an option how to charge the MacBook without a "native" charge. Just use the adapter and cable from another Mac (for example, ask a friend or neighbor). It should be noted that the power of different models is different, for example, for a 13-inch one needs 61-watt charging or 15 ”- 87 watts. Charging with low power does not “feed” the Mac, designed for a larger number of watts.

Wireless recharge

And if you need to replenish the energy reserves of the battery, and there is no outlet nearby, what then? Is it possible and how to charge the MacBook from an external battery? The Apple brand produces special power adapters (for example, for Pro 15). These devices can be used both from the network and as a bank, charging the laptop on the go. The charging unit connects to the Mac using a USB cable.

External battery from another manufacturer

There is another option. BatteryBox (not a branded accessory). It looks like a small box, inside. a battery, outside. a cable. How to charge the MacBook from an external battery? Very simple. The BatteryBox connects to the laptop like a regular powerbank, i.e. the free end of the cord plugs into the charging port on the Mac. BatteryBox will be able to extend the battery life of laptops, for example, from the Air ≈ series by 12 hours, Pro. ≈ 6 hours.

How to extend your MacBook: OS setup

The duration of the operation of the Apple technique depends on the mode of its operation, but if you “conjure” it a bit with the settings, you can increase this period.
So what, where and how to adjust:

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