How to Charge the New Honor 9 Lite Smartphone

The main element of any device, regardless of its cost, brand and size, is the rechargeable battery. Firstly, without this detail, an electronic gadget turns into a completely useless thing, and secondly, the duration of the smartphone itself depends on its technical characteristics. It is important to consider that the battery, even having the highest potential, can quickly fail if used improperly. That is why there are many different opinions around charging rules that can simply be reduced to one question. how to charge the phone so as not to damage the battery?

How to Charge the New Honor 9 Lite Smartphone

How to charge the phone for the first time

Each user knows that after a certain period of use of the smartphone, its battery is quickly discharged and therefore it has to be charged more often and longer. The reason for this is not only the incorrect operation of the gadget, but also the mistakes made during the first charge of a new smartphone. It is from this factor that the efficiency of further operation of the battery largely depends. There is a lot of discussion about how to properly charge a new battery, and standard tips are usually given:

a new phone should be completely discharged immediately after purchase;

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then charge the smartphone again and let it run again until it is completely discharged;

do this procedure three times.

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But, before you begin to perform all these actions, you need to find out what type the battery is and get acquainted with the recommendations from the manufacturer. As a rule, all modern gadgets have a new type of battery: lithium-ion and lithium-polymer. They have completely different technical characteristics than their obsolete nickel predecessors, which, although they held a charge for a long time, but had one drawback, which was called the memory effect. It was from the old batteries that the advice on three charging cycles remained. Therefore, today, users should be more interested in the question. how to charge a new lithium-ion battery, which, most likely, is on its new gadget.

Correctly charge the li-ion battery

Li-ion battery. This is a new type of battery that has high power and security, and it completely lacks the memory effect. Therefore, it does not require any cycles of complete discharge and charging. But there are some tips that you need to consider when charging this battery and which will help increase the battery life:

lithium batteries do not like neither low nor high temperatures;

It is not recommended to fully discharge and fully charge a lithium battery;

optimal state of charge from 40% to 60%;

a wireless charger should be used as needed, since such devices always emit excess heat, which negatively affects the state of lithium batteries;

you need to remove the battery from the phone very carefully and be sure to turn off the charge;

Many are also interested in the question of whether you can use a smartphone while charging. You can do this in principle, but the process of gaining energy will slow down significantly. And most importantly, that the smartphone is not discharged at the most crucial moment, you always need to have a standard charger with you. But if for some reason the outlet is unavailable, then USB cables and adapters will help, which at any time will allow you to connect to a laptop or portable charger.

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