How To Check Iphone By Serial Number And Imei Binding To Icloud, Warranty, Unlock Status

How To Check Iphone By Serial Number And Imei Binding To Icloud, Warranty, Unlock Status

The purchase of a new iPhone from an official retailer makes a rather serious breach in the budget of the domestic user, so many prefer to look for cheaper options in the secondary market or from gray suppliers. Naturally, it will not be superfluous to check such a device before buying.

What is noteworthy, the fears of buyers of used or "gray" smartphones are fully justified. For example, the seller may claim that the device is not tied to the operator’s contract, but in fact, after flashing the iPhone will refuse to accept the SIM card and turn into a media player, in other cases, fraudsters do not untie the device from the Apple ID account and subsequently remotely block it, requiring additional money. These and other nuances can be checked by the serial number, even without the iPhone itself.

How to find out IMEI and iPhone serial number

You can find the serial number of iPhone and iPad on the original box (at the back), in the iOS settings (Settings -> The main -> About this device) or in iTunes.


  • Apple device serial numbers may contain the number “0” (zero), but never contain the letter “O”.
  • If there is no way to open the menu "Settings", Then to get support instead of the serial number, you can call the IMEI / MEID code instead of the serial number

What can I check by the serial number of the iPhone?

Bind device to iCloud (Apple ID) – Activation Block status

Since January 28, 2017, the iCloud page ( has ceased to open, on which it was possible to check the status of the activation lock. In addition, links to this service disappeared from Apple’s tech support site. Apparently, the page itself was deleted by the company, not talking about the reasons.

The “Find iPhone” function provides the ability to block activation to prevent third-party use of the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch in case of loss or theft of the gadget. Activation lock is turned on automatically when the “Find iPhone” function is turned on (In iOS 6 – iOS 10.2.1: Settings.> iCloud.> Find iPhone; On iOS 10.3 and later: Settings.> Apple ID.> iCloud.> Find iPhone)

If the activation lock is turned on, a third party will need to enter an Apple ID and a password for the device owner to disable the Find iPhone feature, delete data, reactivate and use the gadget.

This measure allows you to protect the device in the wrong hands and increase the chances of its return. Even if the user remotely deletes all data from the device, an activation lock will prevent unauthorized reactivation.

How does activation lock work?

If Find iPhone is turned on on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, your Apple ID is stored securely on your company’s activation servers and is tied to your device. From now on, to disable the functionality, delete data on the device and reactivate it, you will need to enter your password.

What to do when the device is lost?

In case of loss or theft of the device, it is necessary to immediately put it into loss mode in the "Find iPhone". This mode locks your screen with a 6- or 4-digit access code and displays a message with a phone number in order to simplify the return of the device.

If necessary, you can remotely erase data from the device, the message will remain on the screen, even after deleting the information. While the activation lock works in the background, preventing unauthorized use or sale of the device, the loss mode reminds the finder (or stolen) that the gadget has an owner and cannot be used without knowing the password.

To enable loss mode, go to from a Mac or PC, or use the Find iPhone app for iOS.

Do I need to disable “Find iPhone” before transferring the device to another owner?

Before you transfer the gadget to other hands, you need to disable the functionality so that a new user can activate and use the device. To do this, it’s best to exit iCloud and then delete all data and settings on the device. Next, turn off “Find iPhone” and remove the device from your Apple ID account.

one. Click “Settings. "> iCloud;

2. Scroll down, click "Log off»And confirm the action by pressing the button again;

On iOS 10.3 and later: Settings.> Apple ID.> iCloud.> Find iPhone.

3. Click “Remove from iPhone»And enter your password;

5. Click “The main".> "Reset".> "Erase content and settings".

Do I need to disable “Find iPhone” before servicing (repairing) the device?

When the “Find iPhone” function is on, service specialists will not be able to diagnose the device.

What if you don’t remember the password for your Apple ID account?

If you cannot remember the password for your Apple ID account, reset the forgotten password on the Apple ID page or contact Apple Technical Support.

What should I do if the purchased device is still tied to the account of the former owner?

In this case, you must as soon as possible contact the previous owner of the device and ask him to erase the data and remove the gadget from your account.

How to check for an activation lock when buying a used device?

How To Check Iphone By Serial Number And Imei Binding To Icloud, Warranty, Unlock Status

one. Turn on and try to unlock the device;

2. If a password request appears on the lock screen or the Home screen, then the data has not been deleted. Ask the seller to completely erase the data: “The main".> "Reset".> "Erase content and settings"(In detail).

Do not buy a used iPhone, iPad or iPod touch until data is deleted from them;

3. Turn on the device setup process;

four. After choosing a language, region, country and connecting to a network, device activation starts. If the screen asks for the password and identifier of the previous owner, then the device is still tied to his account. Return the device to the seller and ask him to enter his password. If the previous owner fails to meet, he can remove the link to the account through

If the first time you turn on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and connect to the Internet, a setup prompt appears – the device is ready to use.

Activation lock is only supported on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 7 and later, as well as on Apple Watch smart watches based on watchOS2 and later.


Never buy an iPhone with an Apple ID entered in the section Settings.> iCloud and enabled function Find iPhone!

It should not be:

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It should be like this:

When buying, be sure to ask the seller to reset the device to the factory settings with deleting data (Settings.> The main.> Reset> Erase content and settings) (instruction) in your presence. Then, again in your presence, ask the seller to activate the iPhone and go through the initial setup without entering the Apple ID (detailed instructions).



If the seller claims that the iPhone was recently purchased and is subject to a free warranty service, then this is pretty easy to verify. Once again, you need to use the special section of the Apple website (link), where you only need to enter the serial number of the iPhone. The service will indicate the date of purchase of the device and the remaining period of free warranty service.