How To Check Iphone (Iphone) By Serial Number And Imei On The Official Website

When wishing to purchase a phone from an American manufacturer, it is important to know how to check the iPhone (iPhone) by serial number and IMEI on the official website. Currently, eastern manufacturers have come close enough to very similar fakes of the iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus) and other brands.

When choosing a second-hand iPhone for purchase, it’s important not to get a “pig in a poke” and know what the consequences may be. What may not be working properly in the old iPhone model and what are the pitfalls of the long-awaited purchase?

It is practically impossible to distinguish an original from a fake by an inexperienced person. It should be noted that iPhone manufacturers are also made by Chinese manufacturers, but at a specialized factory using high-tech equipment. They try to repeat fakes on less quality equipment, respectively, and the same software.

How to check iPhone / iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus) for authenticity on the Apple website?

In order to find out if the purchased iPhone belongs to Apple, you can use two methods:

  1. View the number on the back cover of the phone (on previous versions of the iPhone on the SIM card insertion tray).
  2. Find out the number in the device menu "Settings".> "The main".> "About this device".> "Serial number"(Pictures below)

Checking your iPhone on Apple’s website can help you identify your device The received iPhone number must be entered in the appropriate column.

The manufacturer Corporation provides warranties for its mobile devices for a period of one year. If you buy a used phone after this period, there will be no information on the warranty period. In the documentation that goes to the phone, the warranty is indicated in "Technical support"And"Maintenance".

To check the originality of the new iPhone, you must fill in the field on the date of purchase of the mobile device, marking it with a flag. This indicates the authenticity and purchase of an iPhone mobile device from the corporation. After entering the series number and date of purchase, information about the model appears, and you can also find out about the warranty period.

Find out the iPhone / iPhone serial number in the phone settings menu

To do this, you must:

  • go to the menu "Settings", Then – in"The main";
  • now select "About device"And get this information:
  • in line "Serial number»This phone number is visible. It should be recorded or copied;
  • Now it’s up to checking it on the official Apple website.

Checking the iPhone serial number on the official Apple website

Go to the official Apple website and enter for verification the received iPhone number in the line "Enter the hardware serial number". Press the button "Continue".

In the window that appears, this phone, model and number will be reflected (if it is original).

You can also find out the timing of the end of the warranty on it, ask questions to the manufacturer’s customer support and in the future, if necessary, request repair for it. In particular, you can find out the serial numbers of other devices, such as: Mac computers, Apple TV consoles, iPad tablets, original Apple accessories.

How to check iPhone / iPhone by IMEI

The international identifier that is assigned to a mobile device can provide complete information about it in the menu "Settings".> "The main".> "About this device".

The international identifier is on the back of the iPhone, in the bar code, the storage location of the card and in the main settings ("About phone"). Also, his number can be checked using the special application and entering two digits – # 06 #. The identifier number will immediately appear on the screen.

Outwardly, the authenticity of a mobile device is problematic, especially if the iPhone is purchased for the first time. In order to prevent errors, you need to check it by two parameters – the series number and identifier. And make sure that the information on the box and in the settings is identical.

In the "About the device" section, there may be no data on bluetooth, modem firmware, and wireless network address. This means the inoperability of these modules.

Check iPhone / iPhone Lock by Apple ID

When buying a used iPhone, it is important to check the activation lock. You can check at

If the lock function "Find iPhone » turned on by the previous owner, such a phone is useless. Him cannot be reset to factory settings and it’s impossible to access or unblock an Apple ID account using conventional methods, even after flashing. Also iTunes normal recovery mode not possible, You will have to use the emergency method – DFU mode (Device Firmware Update).

When buying an iPhone in the secondary market, you should immediately check the function activation locks. It is required to personally monitor that the owner has disabled the "Find iPhone".

The merchant needs to log in with an Apple ID account. If he refuses, citing ignorance of the password, In no case should you purchase such a mobile device. Perhaps the phone does not belong to him.

How To Check Iphone (Iphone) By Serial Number And Imei On The Official Website

Checking a used iPhone (iPhone) for mechanical damage

When buying a used iPhone, it must be checked visually:

  1. Body. No external damage (dents, stains, scratches).
  2. Control keys. Everything should be in good condition: do not get stuck, do not slow down. When you press any button, the reaction of the mobile device should be instant.
  3. IPhone Disassembly. This can be determined by the speaker grid and connectors. Everything must be in good condition, without any damage.
  4. Repairs. Safety glass, buttons should have identical color. The colors of the mobile device should also match with the charging port and headset jack. With mechanical action on the screen, there are no blurry effects, and there are no visible traces on the touch panel.
  5. Neverlock (unlocked or tied to a specific mobile operator). Any Apple devices work with all mobile cards. The card tray should be without overlays. By connecting your card, the connection of an unlocked (not attached to a specific operator) iPhone should occur almost instantly.
  6. Touchpad. After unlocking the device, tap the screen until the application icons “dance” and slowly swipe any of them across the screen. There should be no “separation” of the pressed application icon from the finger.
  7. Microphone and Speaker. Easily check call quality by dialing any number.
  8. Wireless module. Connect to Wi-Fi, open the Opera browser and surf the Internet for about seven minutes to determine the operation of the module when heated. This determines the malfunctions of the wireless network on a specific iPhone model.
  9. Proximity sensors. When talking, close part of the screen in the upper panel (to the right of the speaker) and observe its attenuation.
  10. Auto Focus Camera. Using a special application, focus by tapping on an area of ​​the screen.
  11. Accelerometer. To check the function of “turning” the screen after the phone, just open one of the standard applications, for example, Photos or Calendar.
  12. Headphones. To test their work, first connect them, and then play the music from a special application. Test volume control.
  13. Moisture. Whether the iPhone came in contact with water is easy to check – this will show the headphone jack. If a red marker is visible by the light of a flashlight, water gets into the iPhone.
  14. Speakers. Check the sound quality (cleanliness, absence of extraneous noise).
  15. Protective films. When checking iPhone, you should remove them to make sure there are no external defects.

Tips for buying a used iPhone (iPhone)

Above all is told about how to check iPhone (iPhone) by serial number and IMEI on the official website. It is equally important to check the seller, as there are quite a lot of scams in the secondary markets. A few tips to check the seller "for honesty":

IPhone Accessories:

  • clip to remove the card from the phone;
  • charging;
  • original USB-headset (microphone, control keys);
  • connection cable;
  • factory packaging with barcodes and phone information (about model, identifier, series and batch number);
  • mobile phone (smartphone).

However, if they offer an excellent model at a good price, but there will be no clips, documents, cable in the package, you can take it. The main thing is that there is factory packaging necessary for the technical support service and all the data on the mobile device is the same:

  • check the compliance of the data in the iPhone settings and the original packaging;
  • the data on the factory packaging, in the basic settings of the iPhone (the “About Phone” function) and on the back of the mobile device are identical.

Compliance is checked as follows:

  1. Model.
  2. Series number. On the back cover, the series number is not indicated.
  3. International identifier. Compare all data: on the packaging, in the settings and in the storage location of the card. If at least something does not match, then the mobile device was under repair. This is easily verified by the international identifier and series number.