How To Check Iphone When Buying With Hands

How To Check Iphone When Buying With Hands

I must say right away that the writing below applies not only to iPhone, but also to any other smartphones / tablets. I will arrange points from the most significant.

1. Apple Id / iCloud The very first thing I do when buying any apple products, I check whether the device is untied from iCloud of the previous owner. If not. Ask the seller to untie him, untie. Great, no. immediately say goodbye to the seller and leave home. If everything is fine, at the very end you can still connect to the Internet and log into your Apple Id account, well, for your peace of mind.

2. Reset At the end of the check, already before buying you need to reset the settings to factory settings. Even if you see a really clean phone and the seller assures you that you already did it an hour ago. do it yourself again. Do it yourself [Reset->Erase content and settings], insert a SIM card and activate this Apple with the seller. I had a case when I decided to reset my 4S before the sale, but as it turned out, the modem in it was already one foot in the coffin. After reset iPhone "hung on tuna" and I put it on parts.

Until you bought a jammer. These are seller problems.

3. Charging Wherever you are find the outlet as you like and check that the device is charging. Fairly frequent, and most importantly, an expensive repair problem. dead power controller. A seller with such a problem may say that he just charged at home, 99% of the charge is there, and this is just a bad charger. In such a case, take with you a known working salary. That the phone is fully charged. doesn’t mean anything, remove and charge the battery even on iPhone with "fixed" the battery. business 10-20 minutes.

Indeed, 95% of buyers do not check this, but it is necessary!

4. Phone I will call this point so, because here we will immediately check the operability of the smartphone in its main task. to call. We insert the SIM card, turn on the sound and vibro, and call the phone under test. So we check that the device sees the SIM card, finds the network, the polyphonic and conversational speakers, microphone and vibro work. If you bring the phone to your ear while talking. the display should go out. This indicates the operability of the proximity sensor.

More than half of buyers forget that their fashionable device should make a call and do not even insert a SIM card before buying.

5. Touch ID On models with fingerprint recognition, go to Settings->TouchID and try to create a new fingerprint. If it fails. it means the button or its cable has been damaged. Touch Idi only changes with the processor. Most likely this is a consequence of opening the device for repair.

6. Wi-fi If you buy the device somewhere in the shopping center, then check the Wi-Fi. matter of 10 seconds. But I want to pay attention to this: compare the list of Wi-Fi networks on your device and on the purchased one, there are devices that have Wi-Fi working in such a way, even find networks, but only with a strong signal or directly near the router.

Almost everyone checks Wi-Fi, but almost no one pays attention to how many nearby networks the device found.

7. Geolocation Go to Maps, turn on geolocation services and see how quickly and accurately the device finds its location

Nobody checks this, well, maybe 1 out of 50 buyers.

8. Screen rotation Turn off the rotation lock, go for example in the photo and turn the phone

According to statistics, the same as paragraph 6.

9. Display If you have not noticed any jambs on the display, open Notes (iOS) or something with a white background and examine the display for streaks, spots, stains and excessive yellowness. Increase the brightness to maximum and look again, and then to minimum and again. Next, check the sensor. in the menu, start moving some icon around the entire display, it should follow your finger. If any part of the sensor drizzles. the icon will run away from the finger in a chaotic direction or just "jump off". If the display is film or protective glass. just before buying, remove them, under them you will not see scratches on the display glass. You also need to look at the display from a different angle. the original and high-quality china have large viewing angles and do not distort colors depending on the angle from which you are looking.

10. External inspection Inspect the housing from all sides. Scuffs, scratches in small quantities. norm, these are still traces of operation, not everyone loves covers. The same thing in large quantities. reason for a little bargaining. Dents and chamfered corners. these are signs of a fall, how to relate to it. It’s up to you to decide, I’m not afraid of this, for I myself am curved and drop my phone every day. Someone will bargain because of this, someone will refuse, and someone will turn a blind eye to it. That’s what you really need to fear. it’s bent stubs. It bends not only the 6th generation of apple trees and above, but also the fifth, the fours can also bend, but I have not seen such. If the phone is bent, then most likely the display was broken, and if it wasn’t. then soon the glass will burst just in your pocket from the fact that the bent case pulls the display along and the glass once will not withstand the load. It is also worth paying attention to the bolts at the bottom of the iPhone, if they are not embarrassed by unskillfully unscrewing them with a kitchen knife and if the case around them is scratched with a screwdriver. The scoring from the bottom along the display indicates that the display was lifted without the aid of a suction cup, most likely with a knife. Also, in Google you can find information where on your model there is a marker for moisture (a point in the connector of a SIM, headphone or charging, which turns red when moisture gets in). This mark will not give a 100% result, because a drop of rain can get into the right connector and it turns red, or the device may have bathed in the bathroom, but the water did not reach the right place.

11. Cameras Be sure to check both cameras and flash. Try to take one photo as light as possible (take a picture of your palm with a flash as close as possible) and a photo as dark as possible (also without flash). Then look at these photos if the camera has defects. you will see them. Next, check whether the camera focuses quickly and correctly on different objects.

Most check the camera on the principle of working and okay.

How To Check Iphone When Buying With Hands

12. Buttons Check the functionality of all buttons and switches that are on the case. The buttons should not be pressed too hard and sticky. Although it is inexpensive to repair, it is a common problem for the iPhone.

13. Headphone jack IPhones rarely suffer from such a problem, not to mention LG smartphones, very often one channel stops working when using headphones. On any smartphone, it is advisable to verify this.

14. imei and s / n Verify imei or serial number in the settings, on the case (on the sim-tray for iPhone 4 and 4S) and on the box (if any). If the numbers on the case and in the settings differ. it means the case or motherboard have changed, it is better not to buy such a constructor. If the numbers on the box are different. it means a box from another phone (a reason to beware, no more). Enter in google "Apple check by name", it will give out a bunch of sites where you can see when the device was activated (that is, its use began), in which country it was originally sold, whether it was blocked by the operator, etc. information.

15. Battery This item is the last on my list, because in any smartphone older than 1.5-2 years, the battery is either half dead or dead. It could already be changed, but not every seller will say this, because "not opened, not repaired, not a bit, not painted".

At the beginning of the test, charge in percent, the display is at full brightness and while we are checking. We see how percentages fall. If interest falls inadequately quickly. We ask the seller for a discount of at least half the price of the replacement battery. And so if you are going to use one phone more than a year. change the battery right away, a new one, even a cheap Chinese battery, will be much better to hold a charge than a year-old original.

About Authentication: Any fake will be on Android, which means everyone who at least once held the original iPhone will distinguish a fake. There will not be (or will be an imitation) iCloud and Find iPhone, there will be no AppStore, the Play Store will be hidden behind its icon. Well, during the verification of everything else, you are likely to notice the distinguishing features of a fake.

Note: phone when checking should be the ambient temperature. Some businessmen cool the phone in the freezer or, on the contrary, heat it with a hairdryer just before the sale, this allows you to eliminate some jambs (for example, a non-working Wi-Fi) during the inspection of the phone by the buyer.

In order not to forget everything you need to check, write yourself a list: iCloud, charging, 2 speakers, vibration, microphone, proximity sensor, Wi-Fi, GPS, screen rotation, imei, display, body, bolts, moisture marker, both cameras and flash, buttons, battery, reset, go to your iCloud.

Thank you for reading to the end. If I forgot something. do not judge strictly, for a very long time I painted everything in detail. I tried to make it clear even to the person farthest from these your smartphones. Fasting in many ways. my IMHO, I wrote based on personal experience, someone may differ in opinion with mine. I hope someone will benefit from my post 🙂