How to Clean Iphone 5c Speaker

Does the speaker not work on iPhone 5, 5s, 5c?

Urgent replacement of the auditory speaker in 20 minutes!

How to Clean Iphone 5c Speaker

Your iPhone does not play sound, there is interference during the conversation and you completely stopped hearing the person you are talking to or do not hear him well (but he can hear you)?

Replacing or cleaning the iPhone’s auditory (conversational) speaker will help you!

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IPhone repair services with a malfunctioning speaker

You can check your iPhone for common problems yourself.

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  • Is the sound turned off / on? Use the audio settings menu and volume buttons;
  • Is a bluetooth headset (or headphones) connected to your iPhone? If so, then it should be turned off (unless, of course, you intend to use it);
  • Does the iPhone have additional audio software installed? Try uninstalling the latest installed software.
  • insert and remove the headphone plug several times;
  • restart your iPhone.

Video: How to Clean Iphone 5c Speaker

How to make sure that the iPhone earpiece is malfunctioning?

Call through the headset. headphones: if you can hear your interlocutor well, most likely a problem. malfunction of the speaker or sound electronics.

Why can not I hear the interlocutor on the iPhone?

  • Liquid or moisture entering the device;
  • Clogged speaker;
  • Mechanical impact (shock, fall).

All this can lead to a variety of breakdowns (contact closure on the sound board, cable loopback, etc.), which can only be fixed in a specialized workshop.

  • We will help you save your money.
  • Often the problem is solved by cleaning the speaker when parsing
  • Your iPhone will retain the original spare part

If you are convinced that the problem is precisely the malfunction of the speaker, you can use headphones as a temporary measure, so you can hear the person you are talking to. We can quickly and accurately repair or, if necessary, replace the speaker in your iPhone!

Advantages of contacting our service center

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If you need to replace the speaker, you can be sure that it will be most profitable to do this with us. Every month we try to reduce prices for parts, as we are constantly looking for and finding new suppliers with the best price offers.

Free troubleshooting

Our specialists will quickly and free of charge determine what exactly caused the failure of the speaker, after which we will inform you of the diagnostic results, as well as the timing and cost of repair work.

We work daily without breaks and days off.

Contact us any day convenient for you from 9:00 to 21:00 Moscow time, we will be happy to help you!

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