How to Clean Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Phone

Mobile phone manufacturers have long lost a sense of proportion (and sometimes fear), so every new phone is stuffed with more and more software. Not all of the programs imposed on us are useful, and some even harm the speed of the mobile phone. Today we will tell you how to get rid of useless pre-installed applications on your smartphone.

Do not spare applications, the smartphone will not “break”

Feel free to remove unnecessary

How to Clean Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Phone

But in this form, smartphones have not been released for a long time. Manufacturers of cheap mobile phones earn on the “Herbalife”, that is, they receive money for applications preinstalled in the firmware. Those who are entrenched in the more expensive segment are developing branded "whistles" so that there is something to justify the high cost and there is something to mention in the advertisement.

Therefore, do not hesitate to remove from the smartphone everything that you consider unnecessary. a modern smartphone cannot be made unusable by uninstalling applications in a standard way. And if it happens that you deleted some new "Pokemon go!", according to which the world will soon begin to go crazy, it doesn’t matter. your friends will buzz your ears and show you how to install the application or game again.

Android is the same everywhere, ways to quickly remove applications are different

Most presets can be deleted in the standard way. In most androidophones (for example, Alcatel, BQ Fly, Lenovo, Philips, Sony, Xiaomi), it’s enough to touch the application icon and hold it until “Delete” or the urn icon appears on top. Reach the badge that fell into disgrace to the urn and release it. The smartphone asks if you are sure that you want to delete the application. confirm. Mission accomplished.

Method for uninstalling applications on smartphones with standard Android interface logic

In other smartphones (for example, ASUS, LG, Samsung), simply dragging and dropping the icon sometimes does not work (depending on the model), and you need to find three points in the upper right corner, then select something like “Uninstall / Disable Applications” and choose from Grid application candidate to exit the system.

Method for uninstalling applications in some models of ASUS, LG and Samsung

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In the very newest Samsung (hello to the owners of the Galaxy S8!), Quick removal of applications is done in a new way: hold your finger on the icon, after which the context menu opens to the right of it, like on computers by pressing the right mouse button, and in it you need to select "Delete".

How to remove Grace UX shell apps (Samsung Galaxy S8)

If you don’t want to, we will force you, if you don’t leave, we will turn it off!

Not all preinstalled applications can be removed. Not because they are vital for a mobile phone and it won’t turn on without them. it’s just every time you send “Google Play Music” to the trash bin or the Yandex search widget, somewhere in the cozy offices, marketing guys shed tears and think lost profits. For this reason, some of the system components will have to be “uprooted” from the firmware in a different way.

Uninstallable applications can be disabled

A simple way is to disable applications. They grabbed the shortcut, and the smartphone says: “The application cannot be deleted”? Go to the system settings, find the application and select the “Disable” item where the “simple” applications have the “delete” key.

How to disable applications in the shell Grace UX (Samsung Galaxy S8)

If you started cleaning applications after they were updated from Google Play, the “bulletproof” application will first remove its new version and only then allow itself to be disabled. And, you still will laugh, but some applications (for example, a video player or a Google keyboard) cannot even be turned off. But Android is so good that if something is impossible in it, but you really want to, then you can!

Delete uninstallable with root privileges

If you heard a lot about some kind of “root” on Android-smartphones, but could not understand what it is, then we explain. Route is when the user is really the main one on the phone and can change, adjust menus, labels, volume, brightness, speed beyond standard limits, rename, “pin” system items from other smartphones and generally do something with the smartphone that they’re doing young tuning lovers with their first car.

How to Clean Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Phone

Smartphone manufacturers can’t stand such “amateur activity” of buyers. Of course, they do not have the right to refuse warranty repair for you, for example, the camera, even if the smartphone has non-standard firmware. But if the smartphone "does not turn on" due to the fact that you have unsuccessfully reconfigured something or amputated in the firmware. these are your problems. The firmware of the smartphone will not “fall apart” immediately after you get root, but if you install a virus disguised as a regular application and answer “Yes” to the question “Grant VKontakte root rights?”, The smartphone will be saved only by flashing from the computer.

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