How to Combine Contacts in Huawei

Maintaining the internal cleanliness of Android smartphones is really difficult. The main problem is the cache files, which tend to accumulate, occupying dozens of gigabytes, and contacts, which over time begin to copy themselves, and sometimes several times. But if you can still clear the cache, in general, you can, then how to deal with repeated contacts so that it is really effective and fast, most likely few people imagine. We fill in the gap.

How to Combine Contacts in Huawei

Duplicate contacts are not a problem. The main thing is to be able to fight them

Duplication of contacts can occur for several reasons. The most commonplace is the number format. Some smartphones still do not understand that numbers that start with “8” and “7” are the same numbers. Therefore, when you save a contact, you most likely use the “eight”, and when you receive a call from him, he enters through the “seven”. As a result, both are saved in the device’s memory, taking up extra space.

Why are contacts repeated

The second most common reason is messengers. Due to the fact that many people use several services at the same time for communication, they can independently save the numbers of subscribers with whom you communicate in your contact list, even if they were already there. Why this is happening is not very clear. But precisely because of this, 2, 3, and even 4 contacts of the same person may appear in your address book.

How to quickly clean duplicate contacts

Video: How to Combine Contacts in Huawei

Despite the existence of a large number of ways to combine duplicate contacts, we will talk about the most preferred. All of them act automatically, and therefore you do not have to delete and rewrite anything manually.

Many smartphones have a built-in repetitive contact cleaning tool. He himself determines those contacts that are duplicated, and simply combines them.

  • To combine contacts, go to the application “Phone”. “Contacts”. “Settings”. “Manage contacts”;

Contact merging on Huawei

  • Here select the option “Merge contacts” and confirm the action;
  • Check the list of contacts that the smartphone has identified as duplicate, and if everything is correct, confirm the merge procedure.

How to use Google Contacts

If this feature is not available on your smartphone, the Google Contacts service will come in handy.

  • Open “Google Contacts” and go to the “Similar contacts” section;
  • Select them all and click on the merge button;

How to merge contacts using Google Contacts

  • If your account is configured to sync contacts with "Google Contacts", the interchange of numbers will happen automatically.

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Initially, this material was supposed to be entirely devoted to “Google Contacts”. However, in the process of preparing its preparation, I found that I did not have synchronization with the service turned on, which means that I could not combine contacts with it. Then I started looking for alternative ways and found the one that I described first. Nevertheless, even if it suits you, I strongly recommend that you enable synchronization, because storing data in the cloud is a guarantee that you can always restore it on any smartphone.