How To Configure Mms On Iphone

How To Configure Mms On Iphone

Apple confidently holds a leading position among developers of modern equipment. Laptops, tablets, smartphones – any position from this company deserves only praise and respect. The iOS OS, which is responsible for the work of iPhones, provides its users with a convenient, affordable and simple interface that everyone can deal with. However, taking the newfangled gadget in your hands for the first time, you can quickly get confused in various options. How to deal with this, and correctly configure the MMS function on the iPhone? We will understand in more detail!

On modern devices, sending MMS is not very different from ordinary SMS messages

MMS settings

On any iPhone, you can set up a convenient and useful feature for sending MMS messages. The only feature is that here it is called completely differently from conventional phones, and the setting order is also different. Depending on the model (6s, 5s), the parameters may vary.

For example, for iPhone 4/5, the procedure looks like this:

  • go to the "Settings";
  • select "Cellular";
  • enable the "Cellular Data" parameter (just move the floating button to the right side);
  • Log in to Cellular Data Network.

Here you must enter the information provided by the operator whose services you use. You can find such settings on the official resource of the company. The equipment usually determines the operator in an automatic manner, after which it “pulls up” the necessary fields in the settings for MMS and the Internet.

If MMS is not sent with the parameters provided automatically, try to enter everything manually.

For the YOTA operator:

  • APN – mms.yota;
  • MMSC – mmsc: 8002;
  • image size – medium;
  • the username and password fields are not required.

If you use the services of MTS Moscow, we recommend that you enter the following:

  • username – mts;
  • apn –;
  • proxy – 9201;
  • mmsc – https: // mmsc;
  • image size – medium;
  • password – mts.

Everyone who uses a Megaphone SIM card on their iPhone 5s, we recommend that you enter “mms” in the APN field, and on the contrary proxy – It is better to leave the image size average, and do not fill in the password and login fields at all.

Beeline Moscow cardholders can set these instructions:

  • username / password – beeline / beeline;
  • proxy –;
  • the size of the picture is medium;
  • APN –

This ends the configuration, check the correctness of the data entered and – go to work!

Shipping methods

If you were able to enable MMS on iPhone 5s, try sending such a message. There are several ways to do this. Let us consider each of them in more detail.

How To Configure Mms On Iphone

First method:

  1. Open the Messages folder on the product desktop.
  2. Click on the sheet of paper and pen / pencil icon.
  3. Select the recipient in the message creation menu, click on the icon on which the camera is visible.
  4. Select the necessary file in the "Media Library" section.
  5. Click on “Take a photo or video” if you want to save something in realtime.
  6. Sign if necessary.
  7. Click on Submit.

Second method

This method is used less often. The message in this case is sent in the process of taking a picture from the camera. So:

  • take a picture;
  • click on the photo you managed to take;
  • when deployed to full screen, you can see the arrow below. When you click on this arrow, you can immediately send the image to another recipient.

Third method

In this case, MMS can be sent directly from the gallery. To do this, it is important to be in the “Photos” folder, and select a video or picture to send (check the files with checkboxes). Next, click on the icon below, and select “Message”. At the last stage, the text and addressee are added, after which the sending is performed.

Interestingly, a number of operators set the maximum possible file size for sending, it is no more than 1 megabyte. Often, the first time you send a picture larger than 1-2 megabytes fails, we recommend that you try again.

Note that sometimes, after changing the settings, you must restart the device.