How To Configure Netis Wf2419e Router Detailed Instructions

How To Configure Netis Wf2419e Router Detailed Instructions

Hello to all! Today in the article we will talk about setting up the Netis WF2419E router. In my opinion, it is configured a little more complicated than the same TP-Link and D-Link due to the large number of items in the detailed settings. But they’re not afraid, today I’ll try to briefly and fully talk about it.

How to connect an internet center

First of all, we need to connect to the device’s network. To do this, be sure to connect it to the outlet using the power supply. The PSU entrance is on the right side. Next we stick the cable from the provider. To the port, which is indicated in blue. The remaining inputs are needed to connect local devices. Here you can connect a laptop, computer, TV, printer or CCTV camera.

I will use a laptop to configure and connect directly via wire. But you can configure it from a phone or tablet. You just need to connect to the Wi-Fi network of the Internet center. The network name will be on a piece of paper, which is most often molded under the body. There will also be a default password (password).

NOTE! If the password does not fit, and you previously took it from a friend or acquaintance, then you should reset it to the factory settings. To do this, find the “Default” button on the back and hold it for 10 seconds. no longer.

After you are connected to the device, you need to open any available browser and go to the address: or Just make sure that this address is in the address bar, not the search one.

Quick setup

First of all, you need to select the language in the menu of the Netis router, which will be most convenient for you.

Now, in the section below, you need to select the type of connection that your provider uses. This data should be in the contract from the Internet operator. If no data is specified, then it means “Dynamic IP” (DHCP) is used.

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Static IP. you will need to enter the IP address, mask, gateway address and two DNS. For PPPoE connection it will be enough to specify a username and password. Unfortunately, but for L2TP and PPTP connections, you will need to go into the detailed settings (next chapter).

Below is the data for setting up a WiFi connection. First, indicate the name of the wireless network. Turn on "Security" and enter the password. At the very end, click "Save."

Detailed settings

To set up the Internet, go to: “Network”. “WAN”. Now you need to select the type of connection. There are settings for PPTP and L2TP. Where you need in addition to the IP address, mask and gateway. enter your login and password. As soon as you enter the necessary settings, do not forget to save.

How To Configure Netis Wf2419e Router Detailed Instructions

If you connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi technology, then select “WAN Type” as “Wireless”. After that, enter the network name and specify the password. At the end, click "Save."

For detailed Wi-Fi settings, go to "Wireless Mode". "Wi-Fi Settings". We turn on the network and set it to the "Access Point" mode. I set the radio frequency range to “802.11n”, but if you have old devices, then set “802.11bgn”. Enter the network name and turn on the SSID broadcast. It is better to set the area as “EU”, and the channel in the “Auto” mode.

To set the password, “Authentication Type” is set to “WPA / WPA2-PSK” mode. Enter the password and save.

It is also strongly recommended that you set a password for this Web interface so that no one can break your settings. “System”. “Password”. then we come up with the name of the administrator and enter the key twice. Click "Save."

Configuration help

If you have any difficulties or an error has come out. write about it in the comments. Just try to write as detailed as possible so that I can definitely help you. Please do not need to write something like: “How to configure the Netis WF2419E router?”. the article was written to solve this particular issue. You can also write add-ons or constructive criticism.

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