How To Configure Qos In Asus Router

How To Configure Qos In Asus Router

Reboot system now. reboot device.

USB-MS toggle. enable and disable mode "card reader" (press the button twice "menu"to turn off the mode you need to press the button again "menu")

Backup / Restore. backup and restore menus.
It has the following subclauses:
->Nand backup. backup of the device’s internal memory, including firmware, all user data and settings, as well as all applications installed in the phone’s memory.
->Nand backup adnroid_secure. Additionally reserves the adnroid_secure folder from the SD card. This item should be used if you want to experiment with firmware (the version of which is different from the one that is installed with you) using the same SD card.
->Nand backup ext backup. backing up the internal memory of the device; backing up an additional section on the SD card (see what it is below). Use this item only if your SD card has this same section, otherwise there will be an error.
->Nand backup ext backup adnroid_secure. combination of the above items.
->Nand backup link2sd. additional saving of data created by link2sd. All copies are created in the folder. "nandroid" on the SD card. The number of copies is unlimited. The name is created based on the current time.
->Nand restore. restore backups.
->Backup Google proprietary system files. backups Google system files from the / cache / google folder.
->Restore Google proprietary system files. restore Google system files from the / cache / google folder.

Flash zip menu:
->Flash zip from Sdcard. flashing files in zip format, files can be located in any folder on the sd card, but the program has one significant limitation. it does not scroll the list, so for files with firmware it is best to create a folder called "001_Flash"located at the root of the map.
->Toggle Sugnature Verify. enables / disables zip file verification during firmware, allows flashing unsigned firmware.

Wipe menu dedicated to the destruction of files.
->Wipe ALL userdata. Performs the functions of a standard program for a complete reset of the device (Hard Reset) It erases all user data, including programs installed on the sd card.
->Wipe only / data. erases the contents of the folder "/ data".
->Wipe only / sd-ext. Deletes all data from an additional section of the SD card.
->Wipe only /sdcard/.adnroid_secure. deletes all data from a folder ".adnroid_secure". This folder contains programs transferred to the sd card using standard operating system tools.
->Wipe only cache. erases the contents of the folder "/ cache".
->Wipe only Dalvik-cache. Deletes the entire cache created by the Dalvik virtual machine.
->Wipe battery stats. deletes battery usage statistics, resets battery calibration.
->Wipe rotate settings. resets the position sensor calibration. After fully flashing the device, it is recommended to do Wipe ALL userdata.

Partition sdcard. A menu dedicated to formatting an SD card.
->Partition SD. formatting the card, you will need to select the following options: Swap-size. swap file size, it is recommended to set 0MB (selectable using the keys "volume" and "volume-"), because there is no benefit from him. Ext2-size. size of additional partition with file system "ext2" on the SD card.
->Repair SD: ext. recovery of an additional partition.
->SD: ext2 to ext3. converting the file system of an additional partition from ext2 to ext3.
->SD: ext3 to ext4. similarly.

How to configure asus n16 router

Problems with asus rt-n16 router, no internet

How to configure ASUS RT N16 router. Connection 1. Insert the Internet wire into the blue port of the router. 3. The power supply also needs to be connected to both the router and the mains. Internet Setup 1. Go to the router interface by typing in.

That is, you just do not get an IP address?
You have errors growing on the port. The cable is not damaged, the connector is not loose? Maybe the van port is too sensitive to crimping. Make a request for you to send the line and port to the master to check?
2 neighbors there scored all the logs, the link jumps terribly.

The provider did not dock, but in general you need to buy only the equipment that he recommends and not another ›Qwerty.Forum›? Showtopic = 363108
Problems with the ASUS RT-N16 router sent to QWERTY.NET. Discussions and questions: I just can’t configure the router. If there is a connection, then the Internet simply does not load. the site page does not show anything, including any error.

QoS setup on Asus RT-N16 router.

The most correct answer was given by the Alchemist
I will only recommend google "firmware from Oleg". it was replaced by a team of enthusiasts, but the essence is one. their firmware is the most advanced in terms of settings
The WaiFai world does good alternative firmware on Asus, and most importantly. the world of routers does not end with Asus. Mikrotik is much better for your tasks

Configuring the ASUS RT-N16 router. Attention! Before configuring the router, it is recommended to update the firmware of the router router to the Startup window of the router configuration. Go to the Internet menu. Connection

If the Internet does not load, you need an e-series modem that can be reflashed

How to connect the Asus RT-N16 router to a wifi provider?

The Internet is simply littered with informative articles on this subject and in YouTube there are also dozens of videos on this topic.

You will be taken to the router settings menu, the screenshots of which are used later in the instructions. Before all the settings, it is further advisable to configure Internet access.

1. call a specialist provider
2. Configure yourself by reading the instructions and climbing on the Internet.
3 ask a question if that is not clear in the instructions or on the internet.

So I have an old ASUS 320gE and it has a choice of URE (repeater) mode in which I can set which network (wifi) to connect to and which network (wifi) to create.
Asus RT-N16. Judging by Google, he does not know how to do this with the original firmware.
there is a tablet, what is the difference between the modes
Yes. looked up. it is necessary to specify before purchase. whether the device can work in the repeater (repeater) mode.

Watch the video on YouTube
Or call the wizard

Nothing will help you. I could give you instructions to all routers in the world.
BUT. !
the provider will tell you only some parameters for the settings, and for many routers these settings are called differently. you need to be a mega guru to understand what to poke and what to default on!

Your question is not entirely clear, do you want to make a repeater?
If so, the provider at the point from which you want to suck the Internet should specify your poppy address as a repeater in the settings, otherwise you need 2 points (one works on reception (client) and distributes the Internet through the wire to the second, and the second already works as AP (access point) and distributes the Internet received from the first to all other equipment)

Saving restore router settings. After performing the settings, it is recommended to save them so that in case of problems, you can restore them. How to configure a router.

Connection instructions are attached to any router. Read it carefully there everything should be described.

Look for a section on the provider’s site.

Nothing complicated, the instructions are in the package, and so you can call the operator

Help configure the Vpn Server router Asus rt n16.

And he should not be connected to computers. This computers must connect to the server. Yes, using a VPN client. Or built-in Windows, or OpenVPN, or some other.

There is an ASUS RT-N16 router just like that, it doesn’t contact the Yota modem, as I understand it, you need to reflash it, maybe someone has already encountered this or configured it. Waiting for your advice, thanks.

If you want to make a connection from outside, then for the WAN interface there must be an external ip, and you need to configure routing on the router itself.

How to reset asus rt-n16 router settings

And there are no buttons for rezet on it? PC will be needed in any case. although if the password and address are known and remote control is not disabled, you can access it through a phone with Wi-Fi, this is an option.

1. Connect one end of the patch cord cable included in the kit to the LAN 1 port on the rear panel of the router, and the other end of the patch cord into the network card slot on the computer that you intend to use to configure the router.

Like on any router, click the Reset button, it can most often be pressed with something subtle, for example, a pencil

How to disconnect the user from the Wi-Fi router ASUS RT-N16 Urgent help! do not write nonsense

Maybe change the password.

Today in our laboratory is the top model from ASUS RT-N16. The kit includes a router, a 12V 1.25A switching power supply, a patch cord, three removable antennas, a warranty card and a quick installation guide.

In the settings of the router there is a MAC address filter, in which you can blacklist the MAC address of the adapter on an objectionable computer.
P.S. And how do you understand whether they wrote nonsense to you or not, if you didn’t even bother to carefully read the documentation for your piece of hardware?

In Which Wifi router you can set a certain speed of Internet distribution to each computer.

This can be done in any modern router in the settings. If you have an Internet speed of 20 Mbps, then distributing to 10 PCs of 10 Mbps will not work, only 4 Mbps

Home Wi-Fi router Configuring IPTV on an ASUS router with two firmware versions. Thus, you can configure IPTV on the Asus router with light blue firmware.

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Question on the Asus RT-N16 router?

Usually after flashing flush

How to configure ftr, have a domain let it be have a 1GB flash drive what to do next? point by point who knows. May 20, 2010
I do not consider myself to be dummies, but setting up the router, especially the built-in bit of the torrent, caused me difficulties, not everything is clear and clear. May 24, 2010

Why, depending on the method of your manipulations, the settings will be saved or reset.

Reset 30/30/30 is done before and after the firmware.
This is necessary to clear user settings and updates.
Everything seems to be clearly written Re-flashing_WL-500W_on_DD-WRT_in_pictures! _ 🙂

How to enter the settings of the asus rt n16 router Standard admin admin does not start

So there may not be a password

It is easy to make a network drive or a torrent rocking chair out of a router, it is no more difficult to attach a network printer to it or configure access to the router outside the local network.

In the manual they write sometimes from below

How to configure the router so that it does not cut speed? Router-Asus RT-N16.

The first two types of firmware with the same Russian-language interface, the latter is a completely different interface that needs to be Russified, and which is to the liking of those who already had and configured routers from ASUS of the previous generation.

The provider gives not 50mbit / s, but up to 50mbit / s. Catch the difference, in real life there may not be 10.
Plug the wire into the computer and make sure that the case is in the router.

Hello!! ! Please tell me! I bought a router, I can not configure wi-fi, Asus n-16 router

Change the channel in the settings of the router.

23 Feb 2012 21 09 14 Post subject ASUS RT-N16 router. How to configure a local network? Hello! Happy holiday. I bought, znachitsa, I’m a subject! Connected. I set up the Internet. I updated it with the latest firmware.

You need to set the parameters correctly in the router settings

Do Internet access tests work on the router itself? Settings of routers in the Beeline network

How to reset the password on the ASUS RT-N16 router without resetting to factory settings.

Step-by-step setup of ASUS DSL-N16U router for Rostelecom, Beeline and other Internet providers will take you several minutes and after that you can enjoy all the advantages of Asus Wi-Fi access point.

Go to settings and change.

At the back it has a small hole; it must be held with a needle for 30 seconds in the on state

Chopping off wifi, why? the router costs asus rt-n16 and periodically for some reason the Internet is cut down for nothing, the whole settings

1) Update firmware
2) if it does not help. under the guarantee to give (if any)

Next, you need to combine all the devices together and configure. Most popular services. ADSL router setup. How to update the firmware of the Asus RT-N16 router? First of all, go to the Asus RT N16 router control panel.

I also have an asus and also sometimes cut off. and under the guarantee you’ll prove that hell is chopped off.

How to set up a laptop to access the Internet via WiFi via ASUS rt-n16 router /

No way. Just enter the login and password for access to your router when available connections appear at the bottom left.

How to configure ASUS RT N16 router. It is written based on the WL500g Premium setup instructions. We supply power to the HDD, and only then turn on the router. Also reserve time so that you don’t rush anywhere and accidentally do not spoil it in the park.

Router Asus RT-N16. tell me who knows or understands!

There will be everything and b / g / n

I would like to share my experience in owning a Wi-Fi router Asus RT-N16. This device has been working with me for a year now. Excellent cooling, does not heat up. Very easy to configure yourself.

Why will it not? It’s just that the standard n is the fastest of the supported ones, and therefore the manufacturer first of all pays attention to it, this does not mean at all that b and g will not be supported.

IEEE 802.11 read carefully.

Usually, in the settings of the router, when you select the connection speed to it, the mode is set "auto". At the same time, he himself agrees with the adapter about the speed.

You will support all these standards.

The router does not allow asus rt n16 router to reset the router settings

What settings do you need to get into? Web-based configuration utility at
The configuration manual is here

This description is true for firmware version, you can use it only at your own peril and risk. All of the following actions were carried out on the model RT-N16 with a USB drive connected.

Router Asus RT-N16 weak wifi signal, what should I do?

The router has three antennas, I also have TP-LINK for three removable antennas in the neighboring house. Can put a third-party mod firmware.

We go here 7 Change Login to enter the router as desired 8 Change Password to enter the router necessarily 9 Set up a VPN connection. Enough routes and Enter, click Add.

Maybe this, should I put more?

Help me figure out the Wi-Fi setup. ASUS RT N-16 router (see inside)

No drive? read the device

IP address of the router mask Configure your PC to use IP from the same spectrum Rostelecom specialists Asus cannot configure, on all TP-Link ahs they activate the dual access option, although they did not find such a chip in the asuses.

You have screenshots of different firmware! either your router is a brick (dead) or obngi firmware from off site

How to choose a password for the asus rt-n16 router I lost a password sheet! Now I understand what I did not like by default.

So reset it

By default, we will talk about configuring the ASUS RT-N16 router, other routers are configured in the same way. 1. Download firmware 11 January 2012

Reset to factory settings using the magic button.

Reset and set up (and why do you need a password))))

Hello! Tell me how to enable or configure the repeater mode (repeater) on the Asus RT-N16 router? Urgent need

Configuring the ASUS RT-N16 router. Before setting up the router, you need to download the latest firmware. In the address bar of the browser, type and press Enter.

Reflash under the tomato and configure under it there intuitively.

Tell me how to reduce the power on the Wi-Fi router? asus rt-n16.screen,

Look for the Tx Power adjustment parameter. You may have to update the firmware.

After updating the firmware, you will have to reconfigure the router, the interface has changed, but the configuration is similar, if there are any difficulties, I will do it on November 19, 2012
Tell me please configure the ASUS N56 router so that you can go to the forum on the LAN when ZT has problems with the Internet. December 30, 2012

In the settings, reduce the radius.

Help pick up a wi fi router

I have a D-Link DIR-300, it works well, the signal is excellent

Configure the Asus Rt-N16 router. Posted 05/12/2015 at 14 47. Damn, help, how to make it possible to go into the settings of the router remotely via Internet.

Let me advise you on a relatively inexpensive TP-LINK TL-WR941ND router with three detachable antennas that I tested and has no complaints.

a little expensive, but it’s worth it!

I would advise ASUS RT-N 16 is a reliable piece of hardware, but it’s better to reflash it. Factory firmware is a complete nightmare, but it works great with DD-WRT

Anyone from D-Link. Easy to configure and reliable.

Configure Wi-Fi on the router. In the router’s interface, go to the tab on the left Advanced Settings, in the list that opens, select Wireless Network.