How To Configure Xiaomi Router Network Connectivity Features

How To Configure Xiaomi Router Network Connectivity Features

Xiaomi company produces high-quality and reliable routers that are suitable for organizing both home and corporate networks. Differences between devices from other manufacturers differ in a wide range of settings, the ability to organize control via a smartphone, the operation of the device from a bank, which allows you to create a grid in almost any environment.

To ensure the effective operation of Xiaomi routers, you need to perform their correct configuration. In our material we will tell in detail how to produce it.

Customization Features

Regardless of the used models of Xiaomi routers, they are configured through the standard interface, its quality may include:

  • Client programs for Mac and Android;
  • The browser in which you need to go to the admin panel;
  • Utility for Windows;
  • App for iOS.

However, each model has its own characteristics that must be taken into account during the setup process. For example, the Xiaomi Xiaomi router for the Mi WiFi Mini home network is able to operate in two frequency ranges (2.4 and 5 GHz). It is equipped with a USB connector, so it is possible to connect external gadgets.

The Xiaomi Mi Nano router is equipped with a Micro-USB input, as a result of which it is able to work from simple charging for a mobile device. However, the lack of a USB port somewhat limits the capabilities of the device.

How to connect

If you plan to connect Xiaomi Wi-Fi router with other devices using an Ethernet cable, then before turning on the device you need to connect all the equipment to each other. The power button on most instances is missing, so the product is launched immediately after it is connected to the Internet.

The browser starts, and the numbers are entered in the address bar. The following actions are performed:

    The terms of the license agreement are confirmed;

After that, the display should show data on the key parameters of the Xiaomi router. At the bottom there will be graphs showing the degree of congestion of both wired and wireless networks. When the device operates in several Wai-Fi ranges, data for all connections will be displayed.

Wi-Fi and Internet Connection

How To Configure Xiaomi Router Network Connectivity Features

To create a wireless connection you must:

  • Open the Common settings subsection and enter the provider data;
  • In the column Internet Settings, the necessary connection protocols are selected.

To create a Wi-Fi network, go to the Wi-Fi Settings tab. If a dual-band instrument is used, then data for protection and SSID for each frequency can be specified.

In the Encryption subsection, the encryption protocol is specified, and the access key is set.

Creating guest access is done by changing the value of Shut down to Open. Then the guest Wi-Fi SSID is entered and the type of protection is selected. When activating access with encryption, you will need to set a password.

All settings made take effect after the device is rebooted.