How To Connect A Phone To A Computer Via Wifi How To Connect A Smartphone Via Wifi To A Computer

How To Connect A Phone To A Computer Via Wifi How To Connect A Smartphone Via Wifi To A Computer

Despite the general trend of computer literacy, today there are still a lot of people whose user experience is not so rich in order to easily solve certain communication or network tasks. If you don’t know how to connect your phone to a computer via WiFi, then reading this article will do you good. However, the methods of comprehensive synchronization of electronic devices and wireless access to the Internet, which you learn from the material below, are also effective for other mobile devices, whether it be a tablet or a modern smartphone. The main thing is that the computer and the device connected to it must be equipped with a special Wi-Fi module or an adapter of the same name.

How networking begins

Of course, before you receive instructions on how to connect your phone to a computer via WiFi, you need to understand the purpose for which you will use a wireless connection. Since there are various methods for the usual synchronization of a mobile phone with a computer and gaining access to the Internet through a "finished" device. It is worth noting that the last option in terms of implementation looks a bit more complicated. However, with the advice set forth in the article, you will achieve your goals without much effort.

How to connect your phone to a computer via WiFi: the easiest way

In the case when the user has a modern laptop and smartphone, the process of "network dating" of electronic devices is reduced to the simple pressing of a few keys:

  • Turn on your Wi-Fi adapter on your laptop.
  • Activate the option to search for wireless network devices in your smartphone.
  • After the phone detects your laptop, “exchange” pins and enjoy the benefits of modern technology.

However, the method presented above may not work if certain drivers are not available on the computer. To fix this kind of “digital trick”, download and install special software on your laptop. For example, after AirDroid automatically assigns a special IP address to your smartphone, you just have to enter it into the address bar of the browser installed on your computer, and. voila! synchronization has occurred.

Contacts, messages, photos, music and documents: destination. hard drive

When you urgently need to transfer any information to the computer, the question: “How to connect the phone to the computer via Wi-Fi?” Will require the speediest resolution. The synchronization method described above is quite suitable if you need to save diverse multimedia content or digital documents stored in the “memorable area” of your phone on a computer hard drive. However, even if you copy (in the manner indicated above) the phone book to the PC hard drive, you are unlikely to be able to familiarize yourself with the contents of the received container. As you know, in such a situation you will need a specialized program, the use of which will probably become a practical answer to the question “how to connect a smartphone via Wi-Fi to a computer”. By the way, if until now you have not installed a proprietary utility from the manufacturer of your phone (software that allows you to freely work with your device on a desktop or laptop) on your PC, you should know that you have lost a lot.

I want unlimited internet!

The next use of Wi-Fi wireless technology will be divided into two subspecies. The first is connecting to a global network through an independent router, which is an access point. The second is a similar method, in the implementation of which the user uses the hardware of the laptop. Let’s analyze the first option in more detail.

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The router gives the green light to the connection!

So, dear reader, we bring to your attention a “clear” answer to the question: “How to connect the phone to a computer via a WiFi router?” By the way, after implementing the instructions below, you can not only view files and records stored in the smartphone’s memory on a PC screen , but also to perform reverse actions. open computer folders directly on the mobile device, as well as play multimedia content with the phone’s hardware. Agree, this is incredibly convenient when the only PC in the family is occupied by one of the family members.

How To Connect A Phone To A Computer Via Wifi How To Connect A Smartphone Via Wifi To A Computer

Software and LAN

Connecting an Android device to a computer via Wi-Fi (described by the method) implies the use of special software that must first be installed on your smartphone. However, any other mobile operating system will also require the installation of third-party software for the implementation of the illuminated network project.

  • So, let’s take ES Explorer as an example. This application is distributed free of charge through the Play Market, from where you are invited to download it.
  • After installing and running this software, go to the “LAN” tab.
  • Next, run the “SCAN” command and find the local computer.
  • The next step is to click the "Create" button and set the connection parameters.

As a result, you will get a practical answer to the question: “How to connect Android via WiFi to a network or to a computer?”

What was not said.

It should be noted that you must first configure the local network: activate the network discovery option for all network profiles and check the automatic configuration item, as well as disable password protection for network access. In the properties of the folders that you want to open on the smartphone, all restrictions for general use should be removed. Remember: if your device finally saw the network, but, nevertheless, cannot open any web page, all this indicates that the network parameters and settings are incorrect.

The second option: we distribute the Internet from a laptop

  • Download and install VirtualRouter Plus.
  • After starting the mentioned software, in the window that opens, specify the name of the connection, set a password, and in the bottom check box select the working network.
  • Click the “Start Virtual” button.

Now you can easily access the Internet using your laptop as a router. Of course, the laptop must be connected to the global network via a power cord.

To summarize

You can be congratulated: you became the owner of knowledge on how to connect your phone to a PC via WiFi. Bluetooth-technology of wireless connection, perhaps, unfortunately many, we did not touch because of the inability to cover everything in one article. However, let’s mention something: when using the “blue tooth” in organizing the above-described network circuits, the user is unlikely to appreciate the correctness and speed of data transfer. Therefore, arm yourself with new technologies, and leave Bluetooth to exchange data with devices that do not have Wi-Fi capabilities. High-speed connection to you and fruitful Internet sessions!

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