How to Connect a Smartphone as a Modem

The question of how to use the phone as a router or modem for a computer via USB is a logical continuation of many interesting ways to connect to the Internet, which we have long been examining on the pages of this blog. It’s especially interesting to analyze the possibilities of mobile connections on Android. these days, you have to go and move somewhere all the time. Therefore, the less we are attached to our desktop, the more abilities to be online exactly at the moment when it is really needed.

How to make a modem from an Android phone?

I already wrote about how to connect a modem from mobile operators via the laptop’s USB port. However, not everyone has the opportunity to connect such a device exactly when it is absolutely necessary. they forgot to take it with them, ran out of money, forgot, did not buy, or corny your gadget does not have a USB connector. Today I will show a way to access the network from any device and from anywhere. We will use the phone as a modem for a laptop and any other gadget. Yes, yes, the most ordinary phone or smartphone with a working SIM card, which will become for us a wired modem or wifi router.

To use the phone as a modem, you will need to make some settings on the computer, which can be a little difficult for a beginner. Therefore, the easiest way to use it is as a router distributing wifi. over, in this mode, it can work both on the Android that is widespread today, and on iOS. By the way, the iPhone already has a built-in function to connect the phone as a modem and distribute Internet from it. We are talking about devices (it can be not just a phone, but a smartphone or even a tablet) with support for SIM cards, and therefore GPRS / 3G / 4G communication.

But it also happens that on a laptop, and especially on a stationary PC, there is no built-in or external wifi adapter. It is in this case that the function of connecting the phone as a modem via a USB cable will come to the rescue.

How to use the phone as a modem for a laptop or computer?

Now let’s take a closer look at these few schemes:

    The phone (tablet / smartphone) connects via the SIM card to the Internet and works like a router that distributes the Internet via wifi. With this use, we can access the Internet from another smartphone, laptop, tablet or something else with wireless support.

The phone is connected via wifi to the Internet and to a stationary PC via the Bluetooth channel, giving the latter access to the network.

The phone is connected to the mobile Internet and via a USB cable to the computer to which the Internet is transmitted.

I don’t see a reason to spread about the router mode here for a long time, because there are already two excellent articles in which the most detailed way with pictures tells about his work on Android or iOS. just read it and it will work out.

Phone as a modem via Bluetooth

Now we will talk about another technology for wireless data transmission, designed for shorter distances and less information. Bluetooth. It makes sense to use it if you have a regular old phone (not even a smartphone) with any moderately outdated mobile operating system, such as Symbian or Windows Mobile, with support for bluetooth and Dial-Up Network technology, but, as was the case with previous models , no wifi module. In this case, the Internet will be distributed the one that receives this phone through a SIM card from a mobile operator.

Video: How to Connect a Smartphone as a Modem

For this method to work, a Bluetooth module must also be installed on the computer. usually it is built into modern laptops by default, so let’s see how this is done on the Windows 7 system.

Before you start, make sure that the bluetooth adapter on your computer or laptop is turned on and in good condition.

First of all, we need to activate the modem function on the phone. To do this, in the Settings section, we find the Wireless Networks. section and activate the Bluetooth modem mode.

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After that, you will need to add the phone to the computer as a modem. We go to the “Control Panel”, set the menu display in the form of icons and find the item “Devices and Printers” and in the new window click on “Add Device”.

How to Connect a Smartphone as a Modem

The search for the devices currently available for connection via Bluetooth will begin. When your phone is detected, click on the icon. A new window will open with an 8-digit code. It must be entered on the phone to pair.

After adding the phone, we wait until the drivers are installed.

When this process is successfully completed, the Internet will work on the computer.

Android smartphone as a modem via USB cable

If in the previous block we were talking about distributing WiFi over the Internet, now let’s talk about the possibilities of using the phone as a modem via a USB cable in case your computer does not support data transfer wirelessly. over, they can distribute both the Internet, received by the mobile phone via WiFi, and from the mobile operator via 3G / 4G.

In my example, everything will happen on the Xiaomi smartphone in MIUI 9 firmware, but in bare Android it is done exactly the same. only the name and location of menu items can be changed. We connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable and go to its settings in the "Advanced Features" section

At this time, a window pops up on the computer in which we are asked to allow access to its resources for the phone. this is not necessary, but it can be confirmed.

After that, if necessary, drivers will be installed on the smartphone and the Internet will work. This will be confirmed by a new connection, which can be seen in the "Network and Sharing Center. Change adapter settings"

Smartphone on Android as a wifi router for a computer or laptop on Windows

But nevertheless, the most convenient is the last option to get the Internet from the phone. when we use it as a wifi router for a computer. This feature is present in smartphones on Android of any company, be it Samsung, Xiaomi, Redmi, Huawei, Honor or any other. I will show how to enable modem mode on Xiaomi smartphone.

To do this, go to the settings and open the item “Wi-Fi access point”

Here we turn on the router mode.

Then you can configure the wifi distribution settings. In particular, change the standard SSID of the network, type of protection and password to connect

Separately, you can choose at what frequency the signal will be relayed. 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz

Here in the settings menu there is the opportunity to share a password from wifi via a QR code.

Of the additional functions, there is the ability to limit the amount of traffic consumed through the Android mobile access point.

And turn off the wifi signal when the limit is reached

Plus, you can further limit the number of connected devices, as well as add to the black list of unwanted users.

Today we have analyzed various options for connecting the phone as a Bluetooth or USB modem, which are suitable for completely different devices, but which have one undeniable advantage. mobility, especially since now all mobile operators have very attractive tariffs for unlimited Internet. For starters, the promised video about iPhone, how to make a phone a modem by connecting it to computers with a USB cable, as well as a detailed lesson on how to access the Internet in various ways from a tablet.