How to Connect a Smartphone to a Samsung TV

Connect the phone to the TV via Wi-Fi

I connected a smartphone on Android two or three years ago to a Smart TV. It is convenient. it connects without wires and additional equipment. But not practical: videos and games are not available.

  • Make sure the phone with the TV is on the same wireless network. This is possible if your router operates in two ranges.

How to Connect a Smartphone to a Samsung TV

  • To connect the phone to the TV, start the corresponding function on the TV.
    Activate the broadcast of the screen image on the smartphone. The item “Settings → Connected devices” is sometimes called “Broadcast” or “Miracast”. This item may be hidden in the display settings. For branded TV control applications (LG TV Plus), the menu is called “Connect to a mobile device”.
  • Run a search on the wireless network. When TV is indicated, a PIN code will appear on the screen. Enter it on your smartphone.

After trying to connect the phone to the TV via Wi-Fi, the phone screen will be broadcast to the TV.

Video: How to Connect a Smartphone to a Samsung TV

If the TV is without Smart, but a Smart TV set-top box with Wi-Fi is connected to it, the devices are synchronized in the same way. The procedure described above, only performed on the console.

Connect your phone to your TV using Miracast

Budget models lack a wireless module. In this case, a separate adapter (for example, Mirascreen G2) will help broadcast the phone screen to the TV. Yes, you have to spend money. But the purchase is more than paid for by the high transfer speed and ease of setup.

  • Connect your Miracast receiver to a free HDMI port.
  • Connect the USB power cable to it.
  • Switch the telly to the selected HDMI: information with connection parameters appears on the screen.
  • Turn on the image broadcast on the smartphone.
  • Connect to the adapter’s wireless network.

Done! Question: “How to connect the phone to the TV via HDMI” is resolved.

How to connect Android to a TV with an MHL cable

A special cable or MHL adapter will be required. For example, Dynamode MHL-HDMI-UNI. He is not dear. Bought and forgot: you can watch videos and play in pleasure. The only negative is that MHL is not supported on all devices.

  • Connect the MHL device to the HDMI port, → to the smartphone, → to an external power source.
  • To display the smartphone screen, switch the TV source to the desired HDMI port.

Watch a video on how to connect a smartphone to a Samsung TV