How to Connect a Usb Adapter to a Computer

The other day, I suddenly discovered that we have no detailed universal instructions on how to connect a wifi USB adapter to a computer. I hasten to fix this misunderstanding in this post on setting up a Wi-Fi adapter!

Method for connecting a computer r WiFi via USB adapter

Buying a "large" desktop PC, few users think in advance that in the future there will be a need to use Wi-Fi on it. However, if such a moment has arrived, then the only right solution would be to install an additional PCI or USB adapter. With it, you can connect a regular desktop computer to the Internet via a wireless network. By the way, we devoted a separate large instruction to the choice of adapter. it will be useful to read before buying. Also, a separate instruction is devoted to setting up wifi on a desktop computer. Read it, too, will not be amiss.

How to connect a USB WiFi adapter to a computer?

Let’s deal with connecting a WiFi adapter to a computer. I recommend using the USB version because it is more versatile. If the PCI adapter can only be inserted into the desktop motherboard, then USB can also be used with a laptop.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Plug the adapter into a USB port
  2. Start using WiFi internet

Yes, everything is so simple, but you thought? If you have Windows 7, 8, 10 installed on your computer or laptop, then nothing else is required.

An important nuance is if your WiFi adapter supports operation via the USB 3.0 port, it is better to connect it to it.

No, it will work on 2.0, but for your convenience, maximum speed can be achieved only on the latest standard.

And why then in the box with the adapter was the installation CD? As for the disk with drivers and software, which is most often included, it makes sense to get it only if you have outdated Windows XP. Most often, it is for her that you need to install drivers separately.

The installation program, in fact, replaces the standard wired in Windows, so whether to install it or not is also a business matter. You can install out of curiosity. Sometimes, by the way, it happens that through it you can put the USB adapter into WiFi access point mode and distribute Internet from other computers to other gadgets.

How to configure a WiFi adapter on a computer via a USB port?

Video: How to Connect a Usb Adapter to a Computer

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Well, let’s get to practice. We connect the WiFi adapter to the computer in the USB port

How to Connect a Usb Adapter to a Computer

and wait until the new USB device is recognized and successfully installed

If this miracle did not happen, then in the old-fashioned way we take a CD

and install from the driver disk.

After that, the WiFi icon will appear in the list in the lower right corner of the panel. clicking on it will open a list of available wireless networks for the connection

We select the one we need. that is, from your router, to which you have access. and click on the "Connect" button

and enjoy the internet through wifi.

If there is a WPS button on the adapter case, then you are extremely lucky, since you can connect to a router and configure it to work with its wifi network in automatic mode.

To do this, activate the WPS mode on your router

and briefly press on its body a similar WPS button.

Then we also press this button on the adapter once. After a few moments, the computer or laptop will be online.

This is how easy it is to connect a wifi adapter to a computer and configure via USB. I’m sure you will succeed too! If you have questions, ask in the comments.