How To Connect A Wifi Adapter To A Computer

How To Connect A Wifi Adapter To A Computer

Connect and set up a WiFi router to the Internet, most likely everyone can. The next step is to make sure that our personal computer that does not have a Wi-Fi router starts to catch the Wi-fi network. For this we will need to purchase wifi adapter and install it on the computer. Applying such usb adapter your computer can truly receive Wi-fi over the air without being tied to wires, so you can transfer your PC to any convenient place at any time. over, we installed a router for those purposes in order to get rid of wires in the house.

After we installed the router, made the Wi-Fi network settings in the house, if it means office at work, accordingly all our mobile gadgets such as a portable laptop, mobile phone, tablet will instantly find and connect to a Wi-Fi network, without wires "by air". If for some reason you still do not know how to configure a wi-fi router, I recommend reading this topic Configure a Wi-Fi router. TP-Link TL-WR841N Router. Because in these devices, the manufacturer took care of the built-in Wi-Fi receiver, and we are talking about a computer that is not initially equipped with this Wi-Fi adapter and most likely would also like to connect to the global network without red tape with wires. For these purposes, there are a couple of options:

The first method is most likely not suitable for us, since it involves connecting our computer to the Internet by laying a network cable to it. And since our topic about wi-fi adapters, this option doesn’t suit us.

And here is the second method, which we will consider just for us. This option is suitable for us in this case. Now we will consider two types of adapters, internal and external, in simple terms, a Wi-Fi adapter that looks like an additional board is inserted into a special PCI slot that is located in the middle of the computer and will be called internal. It will take a little knowledge to install it. And it looks like in the pictures below.

The most convenient and easy to configure and use is an external Wi-Fi adapter that we will connect to a desktop computer today. After you read this topic, the computer will finally become independent of network cables and become portable and will be able to catch a Wi-Fi network through the air. It is one of these usb Wi-fi receivers that I put on my PC, the appearance of which you will find in the pictures below, such Wi-Fi adapters are also called flash drives.

installing an external usb wifi adapter 03

Now that we’ve got a little familiarized with what kind of wi-fi devices are there, it’s time to start connecting it to the computer.

Let’s start installing the wifi adapter on a TP-LINK computer

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Let’s get a Wi-Fi adapter and connect it to the computer. Despite its small size, I recommend connecting to the USB connectors that are located on the back of your computer. Suppose all your sockets are busy, then you can use various extension cords or the one in the kit to connect the TL-WN725N adapter.

After you insert the device into the usb socket, your operating system will automatically search for drivers, as a rule, it finds them by itself, it is possible that Windows will not find them and will give an error. Do not worry, ignore it, then insert the disk that comes with it and install the drivers and utilities from the disk. If the installation disk is missing for some reason, I recommend searching in the search engines for the model of the Wi-Fi adapter in my case, this is TL-WN725N. Well, if you have not already found it, I recommend reading this topic. How to find the driver of any uninstalled device.

I don’t see the point in describing the process of installing drivers. Now we can only wait for the end of the installation. After the installation is completed, in the notification panel where the watch is located, you can observe the status of the Internet connection in the form of sticks with a yellow snowflake, this will indicate that our Wi-Fi adapter found networks available for connecting.

Now click this status to connect Wi-Fi if there is an available network to connect, select it and click on the "Connect" button.

How To Connect A Wifi Adapter To A Computer

After clicking, the window pops up, here we need to enter the password for the Wi-Fi network and click OK as shown in the photo.

Congratulations if you see white sticks in network status. this will indicate that your computer is connected to a wi-fi network. Congratulations!

As I say, this procedure takes very little time to connect and configure our TP-LINK TL-WN725N WiFi network adapter, and most importantly, thanks to this device, we connected to the Wi-Fi network by air independently.

Using such adapters, whether it be TP-LINK or any other company, it’s not difficult to install them and put them into operation. Thank you very much for that. Such adapters on the market are usually not expensive and there are a lot of benefits from them.

Now a few words about what kind of adapter should I buy to connect a personal computer to a Wi-Fi network? I think that there is absolutely no difference whatsoever, just the external USB adapters are more versatile and easy to install and configure. over, you can take it and install it on another PC at any time.

Now you understand how convenient and practical it is to use a usb Wifi adapter to connect your home computer to the World Wide Web, and most importantly, very quickly and easily without pulling along heaps of network wires around the house. Good luck to everyone to remember to share the topic and ask questions in the comments.

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