How to Connect Android to Pioneer Radio

At the very beginning of our article, we will define the concept of “Chinese radio tape recorders” in order not to return to it afterwards. So. To date, all the audio and video electronics of world-famous brands intended for installation in cars and heavy vehicles is produced at the manufactures of the same name companies located in China. Thus, saying Pioneer, Sony and the like names, we automatically mean products released in China.

How to Connect Android to Pioneer Radio


Chinese players for cars

It should be noted that the entire production cycle for the assembly of this type of equipment occurs in full accordance with the requirements of the companies that own the brands, which guarantees high quality of the claimed brand.

The third option of Chinese players can be called gadgets of an unknown brand and production. You should stay away from such radio tape recorders, as, apart from troubles and wasted money (despite the low price), they will not bring you anything.

Summarizing our introduction, let’s say. Most of the sound reproducing equipment present on the modern market is Chinese in nature, but well-known and well-developed and certified by international standards. Accordingly, the process of installing, connecting and operating these gadgets, as well as additionally connected equipment, is uniform (by model). And it is no different from the technique of European (American, Japanese) assembly (is there any at all?).

2 din connection via ISO connector

The connection diagram for a Chinese radio recorder of standard size 2 din is described in detail in the operating instructions supplied by it from the manufacturer. To facilitate installation work, on the rear panel of the player, as a rule, there is the necessary marking of all nodes and connections. In general, the difficulties for the first time faced with the installation of a standard or non-standard radio tape recorder motorists causes the correct connection of the car wiring to the receiver.

Video: How to Connect Android to Pioneer Radio

All work on connecting the car radio is done through the ISO connector, which consists of two plug-in boxes. A and B (each contains eight contact connections) or one integrated box, where A is the power plug of the radio, B is responsible for the car speakers.

The standard wiring diagram (pinout) is as follows.

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  1. Connector A. 1, 2 and 3 contacts are not involved.
  • 4. yellow power cable going to the car battery;
  • 5. blue wire, amplifiers and an external antenna;
  • 6. orange cable, backlight;
  • 7. red. ignition;
  • 6. black. Weight.
  1. Block V. Here, too, everything is quite simple.
  • 1 and 2 contact. purple, purple-black wire. Plus and minus the right rear speaker (speakers);
  • 3, 4. Gray. Gray black. Plus or minus the front right speaker;
  • 5, 6. White. White and black wire. Front left plus or minus;
  • 7 and 8. Green and green-black wire. Rear left positive and negative contact.

When connecting a car radio, it is very important not to confuse the contact groups of wires. Since the sound quality of your equipment depends on them. And often the safety of the equipment itself.

Rear View Camera

There is no need to talk about the usefulness of this equipment. The rear view camera is an invaluable aid for novice car enthusiasts who, as a rule, experience difficulties in committing parking actions.

By type (location and method) of the installation, there are several types of panoramic rear view cameras:

  • Cameras of the standard installation. In places strictly specified by the manufacturer;
  • Universal devices. The location is chosen by the driver;
  • Wired
  • Wireless rear view cameras.

As an example, we use a universal wired camera and a Chinese radio din 2 format.

Choose the installation location. Number frame, luggage compartment handle, etc. In the cabin, behind the rear window, it is not recommended to place the camera.

We carry out the laying of the cable connecting the camera and the GO. A five-meter-long wire is included with the device.

We connect the camera to the power. The role of the source is any of the reversing lights. Be sure to use a fuse in this circuit.

We connect through the tulip (connector) the camera to the player. A separate output is intended for this. If it is absent, the device is connected via the “video” input.

We adjust the picture and the location of the camera.

Multi wheel

This name means connecting the Chinese radio to the steering wheel of a car. That is, it is possible to control the standard player directly from the steering wheel.

To make this connection you will need:

  • Steering wheel with integrated control buttons or a niche for their placement;
  • Car radio;
  • Two adapters (adapters) ISO;
  • Transition devices for the antenna and the combination of the steering wheel buttons with the radio.

Let us make a reservation right away, the process of connecting a multimedia system and its adaptation with a multifunction steering wheel is not only a complicated process, but painstaking and requiring certain skills. This is explained by the fact that very often the pinouts of such a connection at the car radio and steering wheel do not coincide, although they are prescribed in the instructions. And therefore, we advise you to contact a specialized center dealing with such installations whenever possible.