How to Connect Apple TV to Samsung TV

Ways to connect AirPods to your TV

Bluetooth connection

Connecting AirPods over a Wireless Data Network. Bluetooth:

  1. Turn on the function on the TV Bluetooth
  2. Searching for available devices starts to go.

Turn on AirPods headphones by pressing the case and hold for a couple of seconds.

  • Search mode turned on
  • If the TV menu did not display them, press refresh
  • Once your AirPods appear in the list of available devices, connect to them

How to Connect Apple TV to Samsung TV

If your TV does not have a built-in Bluetooth function, you can use Bluetooth adapter.

  • To do this, you will need to separately purchase a Bluetooth adapter for your TV.
  • Check if there are any on your TV USB ports, through which sound can be transmitted. Additionally connected to them USB adapter.
  • If there is no such port, connect analog output for wire 3.5 mm. If there is no such connector, use adapter with 3.5mm optical output, then connect biuetooth transmitter.

Apple tv

You can also connect headphones using the console Apple tv, which is equipped tvOS 11 or a newer version. Earlier versions of the headphones do not support. Before you start, turn off Bluetooth, so as not to interfere with the connection between devices.

  • Turn on the console and TV
  • Go to the Apple TV settings menu
  • Find the tab "Remote controls and devices"
  • Enter the menu Bluetooth
  • As soon as your Airpods in the list of available devices, connect to them

Video: How to Connect Apple TV to Samsung TV

The connection has passed, now you need to configure the sound in the headset:

  • To adjust the sound, go to the settings tab in the "Audio & Video"
  • Change the value toAudio output" on the "AirPods Headphones"
  • Sound volume is controlled using the remote control.

How to Connect Apple TV to Samsung TV

Connect to a Samsung TV

The company included in the list of automatically paired devices only wireless headphones with the Samsung logo. Therefore, you must enable an additional option.

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  1. On the remote control, press the buttons Info, then Menu.Mute- Power on
  2. In the service menu, go to options
  3. At the bottom of the list, select the subsection. engineering menu
  4. In point Bluetooth audio click value on
  5. Turn off the TV and turn it on again
  6. Go to the menu "Sound ”-“ Speaker Settings"

At the bottom of the list appears the section "Bluetooth headphones".

Turn on the search mode on the TV and on the headset.

Connect to an LG TV

LG has set up support for finding accessories of different models.

  1. To connect, turn on the TV and go to menu
  2. Go to Settings. Wireless. Bluetooth
  3. Press button On to enable automatic search
  4. Turn on your headphones by pressing and holding the button on the charging case

If the headphones do not appear, refresh the menu.

After defining the device, enter Pin from the instructions for the accessory, if required.

Your device is connected!

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