How to Connect Xiaomi Mi 5 to TV

The function of connecting the Xiaomi smartphone to the TV allows you to view recorded videos or videos stored on the phone’s drive on the big screen. For switching, cables connected to the corresponding ports or the wireless method are used. The pairing technique depends on the design features of the television receiver.


To connect the Xiaomi smartphone to the TV according to the basic procedure via HDMI, you must turn off the receiver, and then connect the devices with a cable. After turning on the TV, you need to enter the menu and select the signal source. With correct switching, a video signal with sound is transmitted through the cable, which is amplified and broadcast through the TV speakers. Since the cord is equipped with a protective element, there are no distortions and noise on the screen, brightness and contrast are adjusted through the TV menu.

If you use a Smart TV series TV receiver (for example, LG assemblies), then after synchronization with a smartphone, the image is automatically displayed. Some mobile phones are equipped with a built-in infrared transmitter that allows you to control external equipment. A similar function is supported by Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and Xiaomi Mi Max 2 smartphones. The infrared port in the receiver must support IRDA mode, the Mi Remote application is installed in the smartphone, which ensures the operation of the control signal transmitter.

Via USB cable

Before connecting Xiaomi to the TV via the USB port, you need to purchase a shielded cable with a Micro USB connector. On some phones, a USB Type C standard connector is used, which should be considered when switching. After pairing the devices, the user enters the settings of the television receiver and selects the transmission of signals through the USB connector. The technique provides simultaneous transmission of graphic information and sound, but the signal quality is lower than when using the HDMI connector.

Via Wi-Fi Direct only Smart TV

Wi-Fi pairing is supported by Smart TVs equipped with a Miracast controller. Before you connect a mobile phone to the TV, you must activate the wireless data transfer mode. In the menu of the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 4X or Redmi 4A, you need to find the settings section, in which there is an item for adjusting the functions of wireless transceivers. The user activates the Wi-Fi Direct mode of operation, indicating the model of the TV on which the signal will be output.

Then, a similar parameter is enabled using the network settings menu of the TV. After turning on the transceiver units, an automatic connection occurs, the icon in the form of a phone is displayed on the screen of the receiving device. The advantages of the method include protection of the transmitted signal from interference and the absence of additional cables in the room. The user views films recorded in the smartphone’s memory on the TV screen or displays video from online services on the display.

Additional Wi-Fi communication methods

Part of the Xiaomi equipment equipped with the Miui shell supports the additional function of connecting a wireless monitor equipped with a Wi-Fi controller. The user enters the settings menu of wireless networks, which provides a section for additional adjustments. Then go to the display switching selection item without using a cable. The smartphone scans the frequency range, looking for compatible equipment.

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After the monitor is detected, the name of the device will be displayed on the phone’s display, video broadcasting will start automatically. If the external screen is equipped with speakers and a signal amplifier, then sound is transmitted through the speakers. Otherwise, the sound is heard through the smartphone’s speaker; side keys are used to adjust the volume. The wireless monitor switching mode is supported by Redmi Note 5 or Xiaomi Mi5 products, as well as a number of other models.

Some smartphones are equipped with the Android operating system without an additional shell, which changes the algorithm for wireless pairing with television receivers or monitors. For example, to connect the Mi A1 phone, you need to go to the equipment settings menu, and then find the section for adjusting the screen settings. In the section, you need to go to the point of information broadcasting, an icon with 3 dots will be displayed on the screen.

How to Connect Xiaomi Mi 5 to TV

A menu of additional information output settings appears on the phone’s display, in which you need to activate the option to enable signal transmission to external monitors. The Wi-Fi controller automatically searches for compatible devices and then displays a list of available TVs or wireless monitors. After selecting the desired device, the screen will display a duplicated view of the phone display. Then the user proceeds to view content (for example, a video signal or photos).

If the TV does not have a Wi-Fi unit, then the restriction is bypassed using an external MiraScreen controller. To switch the product, you need an HDMI port or a special adapter that allows you to connect the adapter to old-style television receivers. The device requires the installation of an external antenna (included in the kit) and power supply via the USB connector (supplied from the port on the TV or external adapter). After connecting, you must select the type of operating system on the paired smartphone (iOS from Apple or Android for products from Xiaomi).

Pairing via bluetooth

Before you connect Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro to a television receiver via Bluetooth, you need to make sure that the TV has a wireless controller. The user turns on the controllers installed in the devices, and then starts watching the video on the screen. The disadvantages of the technology include a small range of transceivers, not exceeding 10 m in rooms.

You can use external Bluetooth controllers that connect to the USB port of the TV. Power is supplied through pads installed inside the plug. After establishing a connection between the devices, it is necessary to select the port to which the adapter is connected in the TV settings menu. The technique provides high-quality video transmission, the broadcast signal is not distorted by electromagnetic interference.

Wireless Transfer: Using Google Cast

To connect a Redmi 3S smartphone via Google Cast, you need an Android TV standard TV receiver. The technology allows you to transfer graphic images and sound stream from laptops or mobile devices without the use of cables. You can use TVs with a Chromecast adapter connected to the HDMI connector. After installing the Chrome browser on your smartphone with the integrated Google Cast extension, you can display the contents of the pages you open on an external display.

You need to install the Chromecast app to view content. After starting the utility, you must click on the start button for transmitting the image to an external display. The user can minimize the window on the smartphone screen, the broadcast does not stop on the external monitor. To adjust the sound volume using the keys located on the mobile device. When you click on the video preview button on the smartphone screen, an additional menu appears that allows you to enable playback or put the video in the viewing queue.