How To Control Ipad From Iphone Or Computer

How To Control Ipad From Iphone Or Computer

IOS developers have provided such an option and equipped their technology with the “Remote Access” function.

In an unforeseen situation, when you need to connect the tablet with the phone – this allows you to control the iPad from the iPhone and vice versa.
Parents in such a program can find out what the child is doing at home in their absence, that is, establish parental control, monitor how the torrent file is downloaded, or find an urgently needed text document in the computer’s memory.

How to set up remote control

To control the iPad using an iPhone, you need to install a special application on both devices. The most optimal options are 2 developments:

  • iTeleport Remote Desktop;
  • Parallels Access.

Both programs are paid, you will have to pay for downloading. The first application costs 800 rubles, but gives its owner access to great opportunities. This is the fastest VNC remote access program.

The better the internet, the connection, and the faster the speed, the better the connection between the two gadgets. Using an iPhone, you can view photos stored on your iPad, work with text documents, and start downloading videos.

Using the built-in camera, you can monitor what is happening at home by displaying the broadcast directly on the iPhone screen.
The second application – Parallels Access, costs 649 rubles per year of use. It makes it possible to control the tablet from the iPhone.

A program has been developed specifically for devices on the iOS platform, all manipulations are carried out with the help of fingers. The touchscreen has excellent sensitivity. Using these same programs, the owner of an electronic device based on iOS will already know how to control the iPad from a computer.

How To Control Ipad From Iphone Or Computer

With both applications, you can, while working on a computer, manage media files stored in the tablet’s memory. In the same way, photos and files can be exchanged between devices at a distance.

Owner of Apple technology can manage iPad applications, even if it is at a great distance, change the wallpaper on the desktop, open files for them much more. You can also access personal information on the iPad – messages, contacts, notes, and saved bookmarks.

All this can be done directly from the computer. The owner of both electronic devices has access to all the features of the tablet, even creating a backup copy of all iTunes information.

ITeleport Remote Desktop and Parallels Access are not one of a kind, but they are considered the most trusted and reliable. Other similar programs are not equipped with the latest updates.

And not on every gadget they can be installed without errors and problems. A poor-quality program can slow down or even disrupt the uninterrupted operation of the iPad, after which the owner will have to change the application at best, and the firmware at worst. When choosing an application to synchronize several gadgets and control one device by another, it is important to choose a proven and proven program.