How to Decrease Alarm Volume On Iphone Xr

How often did you wake up in the morning, bouncing from the loud sound of the alarm clock that you yourself set in the evening? I jump out of bed fairly regularly, and this usually happens just at the time when my wife should get up to work.

For some reason, the volume of her alarm is always set to maximum, and “ear-piercing”Tune.

How to Decrease Alarm Volume On Iphone Xr

In order not to twitch every time in the morning from fear, I had to show my wife how to adjust the alarm volume on the iPhone. If anyone did not know how to do this, now I will tell you.

In fact in iPhone Settings there is no special slider for adjusting the alarm volume. This is done by adjusting the main volume of the iPhone. To make it more clear, let’s take a look at it step by step.

STEP 1. Set the desired time and melody (as well as other parameters) of the Alarm in the Clock application.

STEP 2. Now with the rocker /. at the end of the iPhone we set the main volume of the iPhone, which affects not only the volume level of the incoming call, but also the volume level of the alarm.

By occupation (I work for a gas and oil company), I sometimes have to get up at 4:20 a.m. In order not to oversleep this time, I start two alarms: one at 4:10, the second at 4:20. I usually fend off the first, but the body is already half asleep.

The second makes me get out of bed. As the settings for both alarms, I personally choose the average volume level, and set the sound quality to “Timba".

Such a sparing combination for the ears does NOT shock my sleepy body and I still manage to take a nap for another hour on the bus on the way to work.

Since we touched on the subject of the iPhone alarm clock, let’s clarify a couple more nuances. I presented them as abstracts below:

  • If you press the Home button when the alarm rings, the alarm will be turned off without further repeating
  • If you press the Power button when the alarm rings, the alarm will be turned off with an additional repeat after 9 minutes
  • The same two functions of the alarm can be selected from the iPhone screen (during an alarm)
  • If you activate the silent switch, the sound of the alarm will still be heard

Something like that. I hope that lucidly explained how to reduce the volume of the alarm on the iPhone. If you still have questions about any iOS features, be sure to write in the comments. Well, do not forget to support our site, like in one of the social networks. networks.