How To Delete A Page On Instagram

How To Delete A Page On Instagram

How to delete a page on Instagram via computer

To delete a page on Instagram through a computer, go to the official website of this social network. If you have not logged in yet, do this by entering your username and password in the fields provided. Click on the “Edit Profile” link at the top of the page. Scroll down the settings tab. Here is the option to delete a profile on Instagram – “Block page”. This is the first way to deactivate your account, which does not permanently delete the page, but only "preserves" it for an indefinite period. By choosing an option, you will make your profile disappear from your friends’ subscriptions, and all users, in turn, will not be able to see your page and access it.

The way to leave Instagram is completely specially hidden from the eyes of users so that they are not tempted to do this for as long as possible. It is hidden in the user agreement. In order not to engage in lengthy searches, simply enter the link in your browser (you must first enter the profile by login and password. You will be presented with a confirmation page to delete your account. Indicate the reason why you want to do this, then click the “Delete.” Your Instagram profile will be permanently deleted without the possibility of recovery. If you decide to use the social network again, you will have to register again with a new username.

How to delete a page on Instagram via phone

The tab with the suggestion to delete the page on Instagram via the phone was recently removed from the main profile settings page. The application is constantly updated, trying to keep the attention of users as long as possible, especially since the main functionality for creating and downloading photos is available precisely from the phone. First, consider blocking your account. Like through the main site from a computer, in the application this option is located on the profile settings page (button in the form of a gear icon) and just as easily blocks the page with the possibility of its restoration at any time at the request of the user.

To completely delete Instagram from your phone, scroll down the account settings page to the "Information" section. Click on the Privacy Policy link. Next, you have to scroll down the user agreement for a long time. Stop at the “Personal Settings” section (Step 5). A little lower (the item “Material retention period”) you will see the phrase “Details on account deletion”). Click on the active link and on the page that opens, select the option to delete the account. Here, open the link to the removal page. Re-enter username and password. This will be followed by the already familiar procedure, indicating the reason for the removal and its confirmation.

Additional ways to leave Instagram

If you do not want to block the page or delete it completely, you can take advantage of the additional features of stopping your activity on the social network. The first way – just activate the option "Closed profile" in the settings. This will hide the page from those users who are not your subscribers.

Another way is to simply delete all the photos and, if desired, clear the lists of subscribers and subscriptions, unpin the avatar and clean up information about yourself. As a result, you will have a completely blank page, which will allow you to freely use the social network, without fear that someone you know will recognize you.