How to Disable Disconnect iPhone X Screen

Especially for those who recently bought an iPhone or upgraded firmware to iOS 11, I’ll tell you how to adjust the screen rotation for any iPhone model. Screen rotation is most often used to watch video from a smartphone screen; a horizontal view of a movie or YouTube video is more convenient for the eye.

Wide or panoramic photos are also better viewed horizontally iPhone. Auto-flip on the side includes the engineering mode in the calculator.

Turn screen rotation on and off in iPhone 7

For iPhone 5s, 6, 7, 8, rotation settings in iOS 11 firmware are still carried out by pressing a button. portrait orientation lock. To find it, do the following:

Screen lock icon in iPhone 7 with iOS 11

  1. We take out the Control Point from the bottom of the screen
  2. And we see a button with a lock in a round arrow

The appearance of the screen lock button or the menu itself may differ, if you use previous iOS firmware or earlier iPhone models, then look here. turn the screen earlier.

If the button is not active (as in the picture above), then you can rotate your iPhone on its side, the screen with the movie or clip will also rotate, stretching out to the entire display in a horizontal scan.

How to Disable Disconnect iPhone X Screen

Video: How to Disable Disconnect iPhone X Screen

But if you lie on your side and want to read from the iPhone in this position, then you already have to use the screen rotation lock so that it does not spin. By pressing a button, you turn off the screen rotation, which is not just locked, it is locked in portrait orientation and this is an unsuccessful decision. Lying on your side to watch reviews on YouTube in full screen does not work.

About saving video from the Internet to iPhone, see here.

So Apple listen here. you just need to lock the screen, without reference to the book scan, then it will be much more convenient.

Horizontal Screen Mode on iPhone Plus

A lock icon that blocks screen rotation is also present on iPhone models with the Plus prefix. So for the pros, everything works the exact same way.

But in iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, the function of rotating the desktop with icons in horizontal mode (it is also called landscape mode) is added. If you turn such a model on its side, then all the icons and wallpapers, turning over, will adjust to the horizontal position of the display.

If in Plus auto-rotation of the working screens with icons does not work, then perhaps you are using an enlarged scale, with larger elements, including icons. This mode can be disabled in the Settings app:

  • Screen and brightness. View. Standard. Set

Phone reboot after confirmation. Now in iPhone Plus, with a screen size of 5.5 inches, auto-rotate screen icons should turn on again.