How to Disable Subtitles On Sony Bravia TV

Do you have a new Sony Smart TV? Great, you can enjoy your favorite videos on the crisp, crystal clear Ultra-HD screen. And best of all, there are many settings for setting up video playback on your Sony TV.

This article is about turning subtitles on and off to get subtitles for your videos. Sony made the CC switch on / off super easy. But if you just press the CC button on the remote, the subtitles may not play. That’s why it is worth getting to know all the available options and menus.

Before you start

Availability and CC settings depend on the device you use as the video source. For example, your TV can be connected to a satellite box, cable, Amazon Fire Stick / TV or Apple TV. When connecting via cable or set-top box, you need to use the device menu, not the TV, to turn on / turn on CC. Here’s how to do it:

Go to the device menu, go to “Settings” and select “Settings”. Find “Settings” in the “Settings” section and click “TV Settings”. The next menu should have a list of subtitles, click on it and make sure it is turned on.

Those with an RCA composite connection (yellow cable) can turn on CC through the Sony TV menu. However, it is still recommended that you do this on your set-top box and cable, as well.

Expert Advice: Keep CC on regardless of the video streaming / playback device that you connect to your Sony TV. You can easily turn it off with the remote control when playback starts.

Sony TV Menu

Sony TVs support both digital and analog CC if you are not using a set-top box or cable. Both options are available in the TV settings. But the exact layout and menu may vary slightly depending on the specific model. The following explanations should help you jump to the right section on most models.

How to Disable Subtitles On Sony Bravia TV

Digital subtitle

Launch the TV menu, select “Settings” and go to “Settings”. this is one of the options on the right. Go to Closed Captioning (CC) in the main window and select Caption Vision. This parameter can be advanced or basic, and there are two additional functions.

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You can choose “Digital CC: CC1” or “Digital CC Options”: “How Broadcasting”, and for the most part any of them works just fine. But if you find one better than the other, share your preferences with the rest of the TJ community in the comments section below.

It is important to note that Digital CC allows you to change the font color and size, as well as the type of text. Of course, the menu is available in subtitles (CC).

Analog subtitle

For analog CC, the CC1 profile works with most video streaming / broadcasting services. If not, you can also try CC2, CC3, and CC4. As for the other settings, they should be formatted in CC Display: ON and Analog CC1 (or any other profile that you like).

So what is the difference between analog and digital CC? Analog CC can only display white text on a black background, while digital CC allows subtitles to be adjusted. And according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), distributors must provide you with equipment that supports both formats.

Remarks: CC on Sony Bravia is located in the “Availability” section, but on other models it may be in a different menu.

Sony TV Remote

With CC on the TV and set-top box / cable, you can easily turn the subtitles on and off using the Sony remote control. The location of the CC button may vary depending on the model you have. But usually it’s located at the bottom of the remote, right below the volume and channel switches.

Press the button once to enable CC. You may be asked to confirm this via the pop-up window. Press again if you want to turn it off.

What you need to remember

Some HDTV broadcasters do not send a CC signal, which means that it will not work, no matter what you do. If so, contact your ISP to find out how to get subtitles. In addition, there are also television stations that do not broadcast CC. In this case, you can do almost nothing.

When CC is on, you may experience some delay in subtitles when switching between channels. Some streaming / multimedia devices may not support CC at all. To work around this problem, connect the device to your Sony TV via S-video or composite cable and turn on CC in the TV menu.

Use the Home button on the remote control to access the CC menu and make the necessary changes.

Grandma loves big captions

Given the CC features that Sony provides, you should have no problem setting subtitles. It is important to remember that this is not only about the TV. For example, if you enjoy video on your Sony via Apple TV, you need to enable CC on both devices and make sure that the video comes with subtitles.