How to Disassemble Lenovo Ideapad S206

Lenovo’s official website for some reason does not provide any information regarding this model. Therefore, we will personally understand the features of this gadget. Given that we do not have any additional information, we will proceed from what we have. When making a purchase, you need to be careful about all the little things.

TTX and equipment

The tested instance had at its disposal: 2-core AMD E1-1200 processor at a clock frequency of 1.40 GHz; installed "RAM". 2 GB; Winchester capacity is 298.09 GB, of which 20 GB is occupied by hidden service partitions; 11.6-inch widescreen glossy display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

Such a display is good when working indoors, with good image and color reproduction, as well as excellent viewing angles. On the street, glare on the display will create significant difficulties in the work.

Of the network interfaces, there is only “Wi-Fi” in the netbook (there is no Ethernet or Bluetooth). It is likely that we did not come across a complete PC. Therefore, when buying, you must carefully study the "stuffing" of the device.
Lenovo IdeaPad S206 has a block that reads memory cards, with support for flash drives in SD and MMC formats. The netbook has a built-in microphone and a 0.3 megapixel webcam.

How to Disassemble Lenovo Ideapad S206

Battery feature

The battery is located inside the case without a dedicated compartment. To replace the battery yourself, you will have to completely disassemble the case, which can cause difficulties for the average user. To avoid the battery being completely discharged, its battery pack is in a transport state. Automatically, the battery goes into active mode when the PC is first connected to the mains. Therefore, when removing the netbook from the box, do not try to turn it on. there will be no result until you connect to the power outlet. The battery did not show outstanding results in operation: in the video mode. 130 minutes, and in the office mode. about 4 hours without recharging.

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The netbook weighs 1.24 kg, with dimensions of 299x192x21mm. The thinness of the case is due to the thin cover and the battery installed in the case.
The high back of the case, with a large amount of typing, brings inconvenience. your wrists get tired quickly when working.

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On the left side of the case there are: operating mode indicators, an HDMI port, a socket for a network adapter, a USB 3.0 connector, an audio jack for connecting headphones and a built-in microphone.
The right side has: a slot for a card reader, USB 2.0 and OneKey Rescue button, which allows you to make backup copies of the data you need and “roll back” the OS to a previously saved point.
The bottom of the case has a number of ventilation holes and stereo speakers, with a very decent sound quality for a netbook.


The keyboard here is criticized: its weak base contributes to a noticeable deflection inward during operation, and too short a stroke of all the keys does not contribute to convenience. But the Lenovo IdeaPad S206 keyboard has a QS button, which allows you to process documents and use network services without starting the OS.


The touch panel in the settings can add a little sensitivity. Here, like some other Lenovo laptops, a touchpad without buttons is implemented. their task is solved by the touch panel itself, which is one huge button.

Windows 7 Home Basic OS is installed on the PC. What really pleases is that Windows 8 is not installed. Read the details in the article: Why haven’t I switched to Windows 8 yet?. A very small number of pre-installed programs: proprietary utilities plus Adobe Reader and Google Chrome and all. There is not even software for working with a webcam.
A microphone deserves kind words. it’s not bad. Even whispering from a distance of a meter records well


Lenovo IdeaPad S206 is not "straining" to cope with simple tasks. it is to solve the simplest tasks that this class of laptops was created. To complicate the task, we installed the game Need for Speed: Underground. The experimental PC handled it “excellently”: the game runs without problems at the maximum graphics without problems, with a stable number of frames per second. about 30. This is a great result.

To summarize. Pros:


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