How To Distinguish A New Iphone From A Restored

How To Distinguish A New Iphone From A Restored

A refurbished iPhone is a great opportunity to become the owner of an apple device at a much lower price. The buyer of such a gadget can be sure of full warranty service, the availability of new accessories, a case and a battery. But, unfortunately, its “insides” remain old, which means that you can’t call such a gadget new. That is why today we will consider how to distinguish a new iPhone from a restored one.

We distinguish the new iPhone from the restored

There are several signs that will allow you to clearly check whether the device is new or restored.

Symptom 1: Box

First of all, if you buy a fresh iPhone, the seller must provide it in a sealed box. It is from the packaging that you can find out which device is in front of you.

If we talk about officially restored iPhones, then these devices are delivered in boxes that do not contain the image of the smartphone itself: as a rule, the packaging is designed in white and only the model of the device is indicated on it. For comparison: in the photo below on the left you can see an example of a box of a restored iPhone, and on the right – a new phone.

Symptom 2: Device Model

If the seller gives you the opportunity to study the device a little more, be sure to look at the model name in the settings.

  1. Open your phone’s settings and then go to "Basic".
  • Select item "About this device". Pay attention to the line "Model". The first letter in the character set should give you comprehensive information about the smartphone:
    • M – a completely new smartphone;
    • F – a restored model that has undergone repairs and the process of replacing parts in Apple;
    • N – a device intended to be replaced under warranty;
    • P – gift version of the smartphone with engraving.
    • Compare the model from the settings with the number indicated on the box – this data must necessarily coincide.
    • Symptom 3: Mark on the box

      Pay attention to the sticker on the box from the smartphone. Before the name of the gadget model, you should be interested in the abbreviation "RFB" (which means "Refurbished", i.e Restored or "Like New") If such a reduction is present – you have a restored smartphone.

      Symptom 4: IMEI Validation

      In the settings of the smartphone (and on the box) there is a special unique identifier that contains information about the device model, memory size and color. An IMEI check, of course, will not give an unambiguous answer whether the smartphone was being restored (if it is not an official repair) But, as a rule, when performing a recovery outside of Apple, the masters rarely try to maintain the correct IMEI, and therefore, when checking, the phone information will be differ from the real one.

      Be sure to check your smartphone for IMEI – if the received data does not match (for example, IMEI says that the color of the case is Silver, although you have Space Gray in your hands), it is better to refuse to purchase such a device.