How To Distinguish A Real Iphone 6 From A Fake

How To Distinguish A Real Iphone 6 From A Fake

Due to the extraordinary popularity of iPhones, growing every year, more and more people want to get them. Chinese craftsmen immediately sensed the prospect of profit and began to stamp fakes of different levels of quality. Some copies are so good that even a professional can not immediately distinguish the substitution. Let’s get it right.


All the box should alert you first. She already at the initial stage of dating will help to immediately distinguish a fake. The outer packaging of the iPhone looks like this – a pure white box with embossed in the form of the smartphone itself. At the top there are no pictures imitating his “desktop.” On the side there should be an inscription “iPhone”, without the inscription “6”. There is also a mandatory logo – an apple. Here’s what you will see when opening the original packaging. The box, and the iPhone itself, must be covered with a transparent protective film. Under it there should not be any air bubbles, glued at the factory, it is evenly applied to the surface.

An important point – the presence of an original box with checks – a necessary condition for providing warranty and technical assistance in identifying problems with the device. So do not get fooled by the stories about the packaging that was lost when moving when taking a used iPhone. A knowledgeable user who is familiar with the terms of use of the brand’s gadgets will never allow such a mistake.

Options and serial numbers

Be sure to check the IMEI in three places: on the sticker attached to the box, on the iPhone itself (it is engraved on the back panel), and in its settings (in the General section, by opening the "About device" item or typing the combination # 06 #).

If at least one of the three options does not match, this iPhone is not original. Sometimes dishonest sellers pack a fake or a non-working (or stolen, blocked) iPhone into a new original box. If IMEI is not available at all in the settings – do not try to take such a smartphone – it will be incapable. The lack of code is clearly the result of an inept “unlock”, and such a device cannot be restored.

The same applies to the serial number – it is indicated either on the back of the box, or in the "About the device" section. If you plan to buy a used iPhone 6 – do not forget to bring along any gadget with access to the Internet in order to immediately “break through” the data about the iPhone by serial number. To do this, go to the AppleCare service and enter the code. The system will give you all the support information available for this device. If the service gives an error or writes that the entered number is not correct – 99% that you are offered a fake smartphone.

Externally, the smartphone should be properly assembled – large gaps between the blocks of the case, creaks when pressing the display, "crunching" of the Home button are unacceptable. By the way, in the fake device, the Home button is not functional and does not have a built-in sensor that scans the owner’s fingerprints. She just launches the menu – nothing more.

Pay attention to the nano-sim card slot. The original device has only one slot, if you are offered an iPhone with 2 SIM cards – you are being deceived. Also, it should not have any extraneous details. A normal slot looks like this. If you observe such a picture, it means your iPhone is “unlocked” hardware using the Gevey Turbo-SIM lining, which removes software locks on a specific (often American) telecom operator. The lock is installed completely legally – even at the factory, etc. to. Further sales of the smartphone will be handled by the selected mobile operator. Such iPhones in America are significantly cheaper. But the buyer, under a special contract concluded at the time of purchase, is obligated to pay a certain amount to the operator on a monthly basis — it turns out something like an installment plan. The average duration of such an agreement is two years.

Therefore, if you absolutely do not understand how to use the turbo-sim, and in case of its failures you can not cope on your own, it is better to refrain from such a purchase. Otherwise, for two years you will not be able to use the gadget, and when you visit the United States, its frequency will be blocked as a blacklisted contract payer. Do you need him?

The accessories supplied must be additionally packaged. Thus, the EarPods are neatly packed in a transparent case made of flexible plastic. Socket plug and lightning cable – intercepted with a transparent silicone screed. By the way, the type of plug can vary depending on the market of which country the iPhone is oriented to – this is normal.

How To Distinguish A Real Iphone 6 From A Fake

Should alert and not the original cable included in the kit. Some sellers of used iPhones – when selling to beginners, put a fake cable. There is no characteristic marking on it. You can distinguish the original by the inscription present along the entire length of the wire: With this cable you will not be able to connect the smartphone to the computer, and without it the lion’s share of user capabilities will not be available to you, because syncing and sharing via iTunes will not be possible. You will have to buy it separately, and for you to understand, the cost of a meter cable in the AppStore starts from 1590 rubles.

Checking the system

One of the most important qualities of the iPhone is its unique operating system – iOS, which is rightfully considered the most stable and secure. It is specially designed for iPhones (iPads), which is why the devices work flawlessly.

If you have an idea of ​​what the iOS ecosystem looks like, be sure to go through several tabs on your desktop. Sometimes a fake cannot be distinguished by the appearance of the menu – the scammers managed to copy even the visual image of the iPhone operating system interface. In fact, all fakes work on Android, so you should not hope for any advantage that iPhones give the buyer. For example, when you switch to the App Store, when you click on the icon, the gadget redirects you to the Play Store, and all other regular iOS applications are also replaced with analogs from Android.

Errors in transliteration and names of services in Russian are unacceptable – this is a clear sign that this is not the original.

Now you are savvy and can distinguish the original from the fake, and buying the long-awaited iPhone 6 will bring joy.