How To Distinguish Iphone 7 From A Fake

How To Distinguish Iphone 7 From A Fake

Smartphones of the iPhone line are in great demand among consumers in many countries. As you probably know, due to the popularity of the device, we are observing a trend such as an increase in the number of fakes. This year, Chinese manufacturers even managed to release a copy of the iPhone 7 before its official release. Externally, such a device can be identical to the original, so it can be difficult to recognize a fake.

Today we look at all the differences between the iPhone 7 and many Chinese fakes, so that you do not become a victim of fraud, buying a device on the Internet or from hand. You must remember that each product can be copied, and the more popular it is in the market, the more often scammers manage to deceive the buyer. The next-generation Apple flagships broke sales records of their predecessors, so the chance of acquiring a copy increased significantly.

If you buy the iPhone 7 new, then the front panel should be sealed with a proprietary film with a tongue, which must be peeled off when you start using it. Each phone is equipped with a brief color instruction of unprecedented quality: the font is even, without defects, and the colors are rich. In general, everything indicates that it is an expensive product.

The complete set of smartphones of the iPhone series has not changed since the first generation. Inside, there are still white EarPods, a Lightning cable and a charger of the same color. Be careful, because copying accessories to Chinese manufacturers is not difficult. Pay attention to details, for example, how the cable and headphones are neatly folded, they are pulled together with beautiful transparent ties. And the wires themselves are covered with very soft rubberized materials (fakes have very hard plastic elements). Original accessories should not have gaps, tides and sharp corners.

How To Distinguish Iphone 7 From A Fake

The Apple iPhone 7 feels like a monolithic, good assembled device with a nice coating on the glass that protects the display. With cheap copies of it, everything crackles and bends, which immediately catches the eye. When you turn on the original iPhone 7 for the first time, a bitten apple will immediately appear on the screen, and behind it the phone will prompt you to activate it for work. If you still doubt the authenticity of the purchased device, then connect it to the computer via USB and launch iTunes (install if you don’t have one) and it will inform you immediately.

Every Apple smartphone, including the new iPhone 7, has a beautiful screen with a juicy, crystal clear picture and a Russified menu. All devices of this line work on the iOS operating system, it cannot be otherwise.

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