How to Distinguish Original Iphone Xs Max Display

Apple products are very popular, so there are many craftsmen who are trying to produce fake products with varying degrees of success. As a rule, such counterfeit comes from our Chinese neighbors. In the Middle Kingdom almost every day they release the next copy of the iPhone, only here it does not differ in its long service life. In addition, taking this fake out of the box, you can find that it does work on the Android operating system.

How to Distinguish Original Iphone Xs Max Display

Inspect appearance

Body. First of all, there should be no gaps between the screen and the case; the display must fit snugly to the base. Attention should be paid to the buttons: they should be without "play", easy to press, with a characteristic smooth click. Crunching and crackling are not allowed. this is a clear sign of a fake.

Inspect the inscriptions on the case itself: so that they are even, read without problems, have no errors or typos. It also indicates the model number and IMEI, which can be checked on the official Apple website.

How to Distinguish Original Iphone Xs Max Display

You can even identify a copy by the paint of the case: if it is erased and leaves marks on your hands, you should immediately put such an iPhone aside. Sometimes a plastic case instead of an aluminum one is also installed on the fakes. it is very easy to distinguish the material: aluminum keeps cold, and if you lightly tap it, a characteristic metallic sound will sound.

Screen. On the iPhone, the screen is always deep black and can only be slightly lighter than the case if the smartphone is made in dark color. If the screen is gray or noticeably lighter than the case, it is no longer original. This does not mean that the entire smartphone is fake, but it makes it clear that the iPhone at least visited a dubious service center.

Camera. The camera lens should be flat and neatly located in a designated place on the housing. Dust under the camera glass and other suspicious effects also indicate tampering and repair.

How to Distinguish Original Iphone Xs Max Display

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Rear panel and ports. The Apple logo should by no means be pulled off with a fingernail. it is made of stainless steel and is securely recessed into the lid, as it is its element. The back cover should not be removed: the iPhone case of any model is monolithic.

On the right is a copy of the iPhone

There should not be any antennas, extra parts and ports (except for 3.5 mm and Lightning, and with iPhone 7 only Lightning). There are no slots for memory cards in the SIM card tray of the iPhone. only for a SIM card (Nano format).

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Pay attention to the Lightning port. on its sides there are neat bolts with a thread for a five-sided screwdriver. If the bolts are damaged, the thread is broken or there are noticeable scratches, then the device was opened, and of poor quality. The originality of the “filling” can immediately be called into question.

How to Distinguish Original Iphone Xs Max Display

It is also worth testing the Sound / Vibration switch slider on the side. there should be a clear vibration response when switching to silent mode.

How to Distinguish Original Iphone Xs Max Display

Top. iPhone Copy

Be sure to turn on your iPhone

It sounds strange, but some buyers really do not include the iPhone when buying, relying only on the appearance, equipment and box.

Firstly, the fingerprint sensor should work properly. If you buy an iPhone “on hand”, ask to add your fingerprint.

The screen of the original iPhone should not give blue, green or other colors. All colors are juicy and pleasant. Tilt the device and look at the picture. even at a large angle, the colors and the image will not change. The iPhone has very good viewing angles, so the non-original screen will give itself away right away.

The iOS interface should literally "delight the eye". clear readable fonts, flat, square application icons with rounded corners. The operation of the operating system is smooth, without “lags” and jerks.

A little trick: pay attention to the icon of the application “Clock”. On the dial, the arrows will certainly move (in some "pseudo-iOS" such trifles may be absent).

Subtleties of the interface. Open the App Store app and try downloading any program for iOS. for example, Numbers or Garage Band. Firstly, when opening the App Store, there should not be any redirects to the browser (and even more so to Google Play), and a search for these programs will allow them to be installed.

How to Distinguish Original Iphone Xs Max Display

Also look for options such as iCloud and Find iPhone in Settings. In fakes, they learned to copy the settings menu with extreme accuracy, but you won’t find these functions there.

In fact, the most effective way to check the originality of the iPhone and its operating system is to download the iTunes application on the computer from the official Apple website. After connecting the smartphone to the computer, the program recognizes the original device by providing information about its serial number and model.

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