How To Distinguish The Restored Iphone 6 From The Original – Methods, Features And Recommendations

How To Distinguish The Restored Iphone 6 From The Original - Methods, Features And Recommendations

What means "restored"?

When buying a new one "IPhone 6" think: is he so new? Yes, a refurbished smartphone. This is a smartphone that was once in use.

Therefore, the restored iPhone is difficult to distinguish from the original, at least at first glance. Outwardly, he does not impersonate second-hand. Is it possible to check the restored "IPhone 6" or not? How to do it? There are several ways that we will describe below.

How to distinguish reconstructed "IPhone 6" from new?

If you take the first unpacked "IPhone 6" in hand, it is at first glance not clear whether it is new or restored. How to distinguish reconstructed "IPhone 6"? Here is the instruction for the initial inspection:

  1. Carefully examine the box in which the device was packaged.
  2. Pay attention to the serial number.
  3. Analyze the price tag.
  4. View warranty period.

And now more about how to distinguish the original "IPhone 6s" from restored (the version may be different, the instructions in this article are suitable for almost all Apple products).

Box and kit

The first step is how to distinguish the restored "IPhone 6" from the new, this is the box in which the first version of the smartphone is released from the factory. The box is also made of thick cardboard, but there is no iPhone image on it. It is completely white, only the name of the smartphone is indicated, and on the bottom on the front side is the inscription Apple Certified Pre-Owned, which indicates that the device inside the box is not new, but restored.

The box is also sealed in the factory film, and it practically does not differ from the usual one. And inside the package is a complete analogy of the new device:

  • updated device without any defects and signs of use;
  • absolutely the same format for the location of the product inside the box;
  • original headphones, charger and USB cable;
  • key to open the slot for a SIM card;
  • pocket documentation and a pair of official logo stickers "Apple".

Thus, the first how to distinguish the original "IPhone 6" from restored. this is a look at the box.

Serial number

The second step is to distinguish the original from the restored "IPhone 6s" and the sixth model. this is a serial number comparison. First look at the serial number on the bottom of the box. In the original version "IPhone 6" it is still duplicated on the smartphone case and inside the phone itself. And if all three serial numbers are absolutely identical, then in your hands is the original and new "apple" apparatus.

When reassembling "IPhone 6", that is, when it is restored, the case is changed at the factory and "insides" phone. So, the serial number is interrupted. The box also changes. Therefore, the second hallmark of the original smart. serial number identity.

Attention to the price tag

Generally the price. this is the first thing that catches your eye when buying "IPhone 6". A few years ago, when this device was still a new model "apple" manufacturer, it cost about 50,000 rubles. It’s about the original.

Refurbished devices were, and are now, somewhat cheaper than a smartphone "from scratch". The price is 10-15 thousand rubles lower. But, if the price is supposed to be lower than 15,000 rubles, then this is already "bell" about being restored "IPhone" not at home, but in artisanal conditions. The quality of the latter cannot be discussed, since the device will not have a certificate.

2018 new original "IPhone 6" It costs 20-25 thousand rubles. Therefore, now 15,000 on the price tag of the restored apparatus. it is quite acceptable.

Warranty period

Another way to distinguish reconstructed "IPhone 6" from the original. This is to find out about the duration of the warranty period. For updated used phones, the warranty is given only for a year. Although, as many recovered users claim "Iphone" 6th series, this period is enough to check the operability of the device.

But, at the request of the buyer, the warranty period can be extended to two years. This service is purchased additionally when purchasing a reconditioned device. In the event of a breakdown and such a version "IPhone", it, like the originals, is sent for repair to an official manufacturer.

How To Distinguish The Restored Iphone 6 From The Original - Methods, Features And Recommendations

The fate of the broken already restored once "sixth iPhones", most often, one. withdrawal from re-sale and possibly disposal.

Is it possible to find differences in appearance?

Since the restored iPhone is equipped and updated exclusively with new factory parts, the device looks one-on-one in its completed form, like the original version.

That is, picking up the original and restored apparatus, you will not see any difference. Both new phones will look perfect. Another option, if you fell into the hands of "Chinese" restored version. There, even outwardly, defects and imperfections of the assembly will be visible.

How to distinguish reconstructed "IPhone 6" from the original. The main question when buying a device. But it is equally important to know what kind of restored smartphone you have in your hands.

They come in 2 options:

  1. Factory tested and reassembled. That is, these are those phones in which defective parts are changed to original working ones, only the branded ones are also placed on the battery and case "apple". And the accessories, too, are all from Apple. In addition, before the sale of the restored sixth "IPhone" is certified by RosTest. It’s about the signs of difference "apple" The restored iPhone was told earlier.
  2. Past repairs and restoration in Chinese workshops. And stumble upon such a thing. little pleasant because the definition "quality" in no way suitable for such artisanal work. And all because for the repair of broken smartphones use cheap and low-quality parts. From the original, only the motherboard of the phone and its processor remain. Needless to say, such devices will not work long, and the work will not be up to par. Components of Chinese fakes will also be Chinese.


What conclusions can one come to? If you are a lover "apple" products, but not enough budget to purchase the original version of the brand new iPhone, then purchase a refurbished phone. Firstly, you will save a lot. Secondly, you will become the owner of a used, but still branded device with an updated "stuffing" and body.

But it’s worth considering that when selling "IPhone 6" in the secondary market, difficulties may arise. Many people are confused by the fact that the smartphone is being restored, so the price will have to be significantly reduced, by a few thousand rubles. It will not be easy to hide the fact of restoration, since most buyers require a box and attached documents when buying. A white box without drawings "IPhone 6" will give out "dark" the past of a branded smartphone.