How To Download Music For Ipad For Free

How To Download Music For Ipad For Free

Often there is a need to transfer various music files from a computer to a tablet, and iPad allows this to be done.

There are three ways to upload music to the iPad:

  1. Download from the Internet using the built-in iTunes application on the iPad;
  2. Download from the Internet through third-party applications on the iPad;
  3. Download from computer using iTunes.

For method number 3, we need:

  • A computer;
  • Installed iTunes;
  • Cable for connecting the tablet to the computer;
  • Music files on the computer’s hard drive (MP3, MPEG, etc.);
  • IPad

Step-by-step instruction “How to download music to iPad from your computer’s hard drive”

We go into the iTunes program and select "Playlists":

In the bottom left corner, click on the “ ":

In the drop-down menu, select "New playlist Ctrl N":

In the window that opens, enter the name of the playlist and click "Finish":

Through the usual file manager, open the folder with the music we want to transfer, and select the necessary compositions. Hold down the left mouse button and drag them into iTunes:

We confirm the creation of the playlist and click "Finish":

The created playlist (in our case its name is Easy Help) appears in the menu on the left:

We connect our iPad to the computer, wait for it to appear in iTunes, and go to the tablet’s control panel:

Go to the "Music" menu:

Put down the necessary checkmarks:

We confirm the changes:

Click "Apply" in the lower right corner:

In the drop-down menu, confirm the changes by clicking "Apply":

Disconnect the iPad from the computer, go to the Music application:

Select the menu item "Playlists":

Click the selected playlist:

To listen, click on the desired track:

In the future, you can add music to an existing playlist or create new ones. Remember that if you update the library through a different ID, your iPad will automatically sync and all existing media files will be deleted. Therefore, to add music to the iPad in iTunes, always use one computer.