How to Enable AutoCorrect On Meizu M3s

How to Enable AutoCorrect On Meizu M3s

In this user manual, we will consider the most basic questions regarding Chinese Meizu smartphones and the answers to them, as well as tell how to configure literally everything on a Meizu phone and how to use it to the maximum. The guide will be useful to owners of all Meizu devices: M3 / X / E / S / Max, M5 / M5S / Note, MX6 and Pro 6 / 6S Plus.

How to check Meizu phone for authenticity

To check the origin of your Meizu smartphone, you need to follow this link to the official website of the company. In the right corner there will be a login shortcut to your Flyme account, log in to your account and follow the instructions in the service.

There are many Internet services for checking the IMEI of a smartphone on the Internet, but alas, they do not determine if your phone is original or not. These services simply show whether the smartphone is certified in your country.

You can also use the AnTuTu application to check the originality. just run the benchmark and compare the characteristics of your smartphone with the ones declared by the manufacturer.

How to install the Google Play Market on the Chinese version of the smartphone

How to Enable AutoCorrect On Meizu M3s

How to enter the Meizu engineering menu

To get to the engineering menu on the Meizu smartphone, it is enough to type the following command code in the preinstalled “Phone” application ## 3646633 ##. That’s all, after that you will be taken to the service menu.

How to turn on, turn off and restart Meizu phone

How to Enable AutoCorrect On Meizu M3s

To activate the Meizu smartphone, just hold the power key for a couple of seconds, it is usually located on the side edge next to the volume rocker. After the company logo (Flyme OS) lights up on the screen, release the key.

What to do if the smartphone does not turn on? Try connecting it through the supplied charging to the network and try to activate it in a couple of minutes. If after that it doesn’t turn on, you may not have a working smartphone.

To turn off or restart the device, simply hold down the power key and select the appropriate item in the menu that appears: shutdown or reboot.

How to unlock Meizu if you forgot your password

It often happens that when setting up a new Meizu smartphone, you forget the set password, graphic keys or PIN code. To return access to the smartphone, you need to reset the password. How to do this. this step-by-step instruction will tell you:

  • turn on the smartphone
  • in the password field, enter the last code that you remember
  • repeat along the way 15 times
  • after that a password recovery menu will appear
  • enter your password from your Flyme account
  • in the recovery menu, set a new password
  • it’s all

This is the most effective way to reset the password in Flyme, but for this you need to know the username and password for your account on your smartphone. Another method that sometimes works is a complete hardware reset, and how to do this is described later in this article.

How to reset Hard Reset on Meizu

How to Enable AutoCorrect On Meizu M3s

To perform a full hardware reset on Meizu brand smartphones, just follow the steps below:

  • hold the lock key until the smartphone turns off completely
  • after the phone goes off, simultaneously hold down the lock key and the volume up
  • in the recovery menu that opens, select the “Clear data” item
  • and press the right Start key

Hard Reset in some cases helps to reset the password on the smartphone, how else can you do the reset. read our instructions.

How to find a lost Meizu smartphone via Flyme

How to Enable AutoCorrect On Meizu M3s

Meizu devices have a smartphone search built into Flyme firmware in case of loss or theft. To do this, your account must be activated on your device. Follow this link to the Meizu website, log in to your Flyme account and follow the instructions to find your device.

By the way, here you can click on the lock icon and remotely lock your smartphone. As soon as he connects to the Internet, the attacker will receive a notification about the block and we will not be able to access your personal data.

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How to take a screenshot on any Meizu

Everything is simple here, the screenshot is as simple as on any other Android smartphone. To do this, simply hold down the power key and the volume down (on some models up) and find the screenshot in the gallery.

How to open task manager on Meizu

To call the task manager on the Meizu smartphone, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen. swipe up. If everything is done correctly, you will see the manager of all running applications for further work with them.

How to close all running applications

How to Enable AutoCorrect On Meizu M3s

This instruction is suitable for all Meizu M3 Note, U10 / 20, etc. phones that work on the basis of the Flyme 6 firmware. To check / close all open applications, you need to start the task manager (swipe from the bottom of the screen or by using the touch button below up), and then click on the cross icon. All running applications will be erased from the device’s memory and closed. Please note that if the application is locked (Lock function in Flyme 6), then it will not close. To do this, swipe down on it and turn off the lock.

How to start multi-window mode on Meizu

First, it’s worth saying that on Meizu devices not all applications support windowed mode. Therefore, be careful and do not be alarmed if any of your applications do not want to run in split-screen mode.

To enable multi-window mode, launch two necessary applications and drag one of them to the top of the display until it locks in the window. Then, click on the second application and it will open in windowed mode immediately below the first.

How to update Meizu firmware

To check if there is a firmware update for your smartphone, go to the built-in Updater application and check if there is a ROM available for download. If there is, connect to Wi-Fi and download the firmware, make sure that your smartphone is at least 30-50% charged and start installing the update. Before updating, we advise you to backup important data to Google Cloud or Flyme Cloud.

How to enable T9 on Meizu keyboard

If you are using the TouchPal stock keyboard, then go to Settings > Keyboard > Touchpal > Smart Engizu and check off the first item “Curve. entering words with a stroke” (here is such a firmware translation) to activate T9 and remove the checkmark to disable T9 on your Meizu smartphone.

How to remove keyboard vibration

For a pre-installed keyboard, go through the following chain: Settings > Keyboard > Touchpal > General settings > Vibration of keystrokes and turn off the vibration sensor and keyboard vibration feedback. For third-party keyboards, such as Gboard, the settings are individual.

How to put your ringtone on contact

In Meizu smartphones, you can assign each contact a ringtone. To do this, go to your contacts and click on the "Add Field" item. Scroll the menu that appears to the very end and click on “Ringtone”. In this menu, you can set the standard melody to the contact, or third-party downloaded music from your player.

How to connect Meizu to a computer

If you have an original smartphone and a whole USB cable, then connection problems should not arise. The device can be connected as a USB flash drive with files, or as a digital camera for transferring photos.

What to do if Meizu does not connect to the computer? Check the operability of the USB port of the phone and PC. is it charging from the computer. Try connecting the phone through a different cable and to a different USB port. If your computer does not see the smartphone, it may be damaged.

How to transfer and configure contacts on Meizu

To do this, you can use one of two convenient ways. You will need a Flyme or Google account. First, sync your contacts on your old smartphone with Google Cloud or Meizu Cloud. Then on your new device, log in to your account and synchronize the data. Thus, the contacts will automatically appear on your new smartphone. The method using a Google account is also suitable for moving numbers from iPhone to Meizu.

How to create a folder on the Meizu home screen for applications

To create a folder for your applications, simply drag and drop one program to another and hold it a bit until a container is created. By tapping on the name of the folder at the top, you can rename it; for convenience, you can add even special characters and emoticons.

How to increase the sound in the headphones and make the smartphone louder

Attention, this method is valid for Meizu smartphones based on MediaTek processors. In the stock application "Phone" type the following code ## 3646633 ##. In the HARDWARE TESTING menu that appears, find the AUDIO tab > Headset Mode and in the lower limit Max.Vol 0

160 set the maximum value to 160 and save. Do the same in the Headset_LoudSpeaker Mode menu. Now your smartphone will sound louder, both in headphones and through the main speaker.

How to backup data in Meizu

To backup important data on a Meizu smartphone, go to Settings > About phone > Memory > Backup copy. Here you can choose exactly which data and files to back up, the necessary ones should be checked. Backup is saved and available at the following address in the file manager. Disk / Backup. Before completely resetting your smartphone, we recommend that you save a copy of the device to external media.

How to put a photo on Meizu contact

How to Enable AutoCorrect On Meizu M3s

Flyme allows you to put images on the call contact in HD resolution. To set a photo of a contact, click on the desired contact, then on the “.” icon at the bottom of the screen, then on the photo icon and set the desired photo or picture from your gallery.

How to connect wireless headphones

How to Enable AutoCorrect On Meizu M3s

For example, take the Meizu EP51 headset, activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and search for compatible devices. In the window that appears, select EP51 and synchronize. That’s all, the headphones are ready for use. The manual is also suitable for other wireless headphones and Bluetooth headsets.

How to untie a Flyme account from a Meizu smartphone

If, for example, you are going to sell or give your phone to someone, you should first untie the Flyme OS account from it. To do this, simply exit it on this device, and then do a full data reset (Hard Reset). How to do this is described above.

How to distribute Wi-Fi Internet from a Meizu phone

To use your Meizu smartphone as a modem and distribute Wi-Fi Internet on another device, open the curtain with quick settings and click on the “Access Point” shortcut. In the menu that opens, configure Wi-Fi access and password and start distributing the Internet.

These were the most common questions and answers regarding Meizu smartphones and Flyme OS firmware. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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