How To Enable Geolocation On Iphone

How To Enable Geolocation On Iphone

Geolocation is a special feature of the iPhone that allows you to track the user’s location. A similar option is simply necessary, for example, for tools such as maps, social networks, etc. If the phone cannot receive this information, the geolocation may have been disabled.

Activate geolocation on iPhone

You can enable iPhone location determination in two ways: through the phone’s settings and directly using the application itself, which requires this feature to work correctly. Let’s consider both methods in more detail.

Method 1: iPhone Settings

  1. Open your phone’s settings and go to "Confidentiality".

Next select "Geolocation Services".

  • As a rule, there are three items in the settings of the selected program:
    • Never. This parameter completely prohibits access to the user’s geodata.
    • When using the program. Geolocation request will be carried out only when working with the application.
    • Always. The application will have access in the background, i.e. in minimized state. This type of user location is considered the most energy-intensive, but it is sometimes necessary for tools such as a navigator.
    • Check the required option. From this moment the change is accepted, which means that you can close the settings window.
    • Method 2: Application

      After installing an application from the App Store, for the correct functioning of which the determination of the user’s location is required, as a rule, a request for providing access to the geo-location is displayed.

      1. Run the program for the first time.
      2. When requesting access to your location, select the button "Allow".
    • If for some reason you refuse to provide access to this setting, you can subsequently activate it through the phone settings (see the first method).
    • And although the geolocation function negatively affects the battery life of the iPhone, without this tool it is difficult to imagine the work of many programs. Fortunately, you can decide for yourself in which of them it will function, and in which it will not.

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