How to Enable Gesture Management On Huawei

The ability to use gestures appeared in Honor smartphones along with EMUI 8, but was significantly expanded with the release of the next, ninth version of EMUI, which complements Android 9 Pie.

Gestures are a new way to interact with your phone. They are very convenient to control a device with a large bezel-less screen, such as, for example, the Honor View 20 or Honor 8x, whose impressive-sized screen still has minimal framing, and there is a “drop” with a front camera at the top. Gesture control facilitates the user experience on other Honor models. 7, 7x, 8x, 9 light, 10, Honor Play, etc.

How to Enable Gesture Management On Huawei

How to enable and disable the gesture control option

The inclusion of this type of control is enabled through the settings:

"Settings" > "System" > "System Navigation" > Gestures

After activating the gestures, the familiar Android control buttons located at the bottom of the smartphone will disappear. Instead, you will need to use standard screen touches. swipe and tapas.

If you tried the new Honor navigation and control method, and you didn’t like it, you can always return to the traditional buttons. To do this, go back to the settings:

"Settings" > "System" > "System Navigation" > "Three buttons"

Using screen gestures

Gestures on the screen, as mentioned above, are quite capable of replacing the buttons of a smartphone.

Swipe from the left (right) side of the screen to the center similar to the action of the back button;

Swipe up and down from the center of the bottom of the display similar to the action of the Home button;

Swipe up and down from the center of the bottom of the screen and hold your finger in place similar to the action of the "Menu" button when a screen with a list of recently launched programs opens;

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Swipe up from the left (right) side will cause Google voice search.

Double tap on the screen enable or disable smartphone lock. But in order to use this gesture, you need to activate the corresponding function in the settings:

"Settings" > "Control. Special Features > "Movement" > Double tap > "Double tap to turn on or off the screen."

Knuckle gestures. drawing with the help of knuckled letters on the smartphone screen is one of the most convenient control gestures. In this way, you can run this or that application.

One-handed operation

Today’s smartphones are pretty large devices. Not all icons can be reached if you hold Honor in your hand and use the fingers of the same hand.

For ease of use, a one-handed control function is provided. To switch to this mode, just swipe from the "Home" button to the right. The home screen will shrink, decreasing in size. Now icons, widgets and buttons are available, they can be clicked with the thumb. If this mode is no longer needed, swiping from the Home button to the left deactivates it.

One-handed control activation is also performed in the settings:

"Settings" > "Control. Special Features > "One-handed operation" > Mini-window > Enable.

Using non-screen gestures

Huawei Honor phones have EMUI-Motion control features. This is a set of the simplest manipulations that are made with the device itself. There are currently four movements in the EMUI-Motion Kit:

Flip phone. mute ringtone, alarm or timer;

Tilt the phone to the side. moving the icon with your finger (edit mode) to the next or previous screen;

Lifting the phone. decrease the sound volume of the ringtone, alarm or timer;

Holding the phone to your ear. automatic activation of the function of answering an incoming call.

To enable this method, do the following:

"Settings".> "Smart Assistant."> "Motion control."> Enable.