How To Enable Modem Mode On Iphone 6

How To Enable Modem Mode On Iphone 6

An iPhone is a versatile device that has several advantages, one of which is its ability to act as a modem. Using this phone versions 4s, 5s, 6 and so on, any subscriber can distribute traffic within the network radius. You can do this with the help of a special mode, which you just need to activate and make small settings to provide the Internet with any device you want, from smartphones to PCs. But not every owner of such a mobile device knows how to properly turn on the modem mode on the iPhone 6, but you can do this very easily.

There is no modem mode

Sometimes it happens that after installing 6, 5s, 4s on iPhone, as well as other versions of it, scheduled updates, they stop working or various network settings are completely deleted. The modem mode ceases to function, or the system constantly hangs on the window of the running processor. This situation is repeated periodically and no user is protected from it.

Removing the modem mode is found not only in iPhones 5s and 4s, but also in 6, since the ninth version of iOS also failed to cope with the problem under consideration. Updating the phone leads to the fact that the corresponding item from the menu simply disappears, or when turned on, the mobile device completely freezes in a running state.

In fact, the modem distribution service does not disappear, and is not deleted. In fact, it looks like Apple simply turned off this feature by default, explaining its action by the fact that subscribers practically do not use this mode. But these are not all the reasons. Disabling the function in question was carried out so as not to be responsible for its work, taking into account the features of the Internet settings, operators of various states of the whole planet.

In fact, a large number of users are accustomed to using iPhone 4s, 5s, 6 and other versions as an access point, the removal of which makes them almost helpless. For example, when traveling, it is much more convenient to work on a PC, getting Internet from your phone, without using other complicated and inconvenient routers. That is why it is necessary to find the answer to the question of how to restore the ability to distribute Internet traffic using the iPhone.

Activate modem mode

In the case when the connection in modem mode ceases to function on the iPhone 6, 5s, 4s, or other versions of this smartphone, namely iOS 9, the subscriber should first turn it on, and then manually write the data of its operator.

To successfully carry out these actions, everything must be done clearly and correctly, observing the following sequence:

  1. You need to find the cellular department in the settings.
  2. Then find the line called “Modem Mode” and change its status to enabled.
  3. After activating the modem mode, the subscriber should enter the settings of the operator used by filling in the appropriate fields, as well as the cellular data tabs.

The information that needs to be entered changes accordingly with the operator, so you need to be careful. Data for introduction:

  1. Beeline subscribers in the first paragraph under the name APN should enter, in the next field, the name of which “Username” is entered beeline, the third, where the password, again should contain the text beeline.
  2. Tele2 clients are doing much easier: you need to enter in the APN field, and you do not need to fill in the other two lines with a name and password.
  3. Yota users need to fill in only the first APN field, entering the phrase yota there.
  4. The people served by MTS should enter in the first line, and mts in the second and third.
  5. Motivtelecom subscribers in the first field should write, and in the other two should be motiv.

After filling in the settings of the mobile operator in the iPhone 5s, 4s and its other versions, the “Modem Mode” service becomes available for use. You can find out the necessary modem settings of other mobile operators directly from them by calling the hotline number.

Also, special attention should be paid to the fact that when the modem is running, this mobile device will automatically distribute the Internet traffic of the PC, with any connection with a USB cable. This will happen even when this is the next synchronization provided for organizing backups using iTunes. Therefore, it is better to disable the option in question when it is not in use, because the fee for its use continues to be charged, and by disabling it, you can save your own money.